Abyssinian the well with their hands

Abyssinian the well with their hands

Perhaps the greatest problem for suburban or country house there is a water supply.

Not always in the vicinity there is the highway, besides if it is, to lay pipes is problematic and very expensive.

Remains the better option is to dig Abyssinian well with your hands.

Started work on installing the well from morning to evening on the site may already have its own water source.

Interestingly, the equipment for arrangement of Abyssinian well is very compact. It can be used even in the basement of a private home. What is necessary for the well?

The basis for Abyssinian well

The challenge was to drill the soil to such a depth, where the water was. This uses a tube with a diameter of approximately one inch (2.54 cm) and to it is attached the special tip, which will do well-the needle.

Drilling is carried out using borax Norton shock-rope method. Well cost is very cheap, thus, its effectiveness is not reduced.

Processfirst you need to determine the site for the future Abyssinian well. Then dig a hole, the size of which is a single cube.

Using a garden drill, you need to remove the top layer of soil and you can start clogging the pipes. For this you can use a cast iron «woman» weighing 30 kg or proceeding to direct drilling.

The pipe must be placed in the middle of the pit. During drilling at the base of the pipe you want to attach the segments to provide the desired length.

Once the drill reaches the water layer, must be cleaned from the clay filter great water pressure. Next you need to install the piston pump and remove the dirty water until, until it becomes clean.

Abyssinian around ready well need to make a Playground of cement mortar. This is to ensure that the well does not get dirt and various outlets.

If necessary, the completion of works to the well, it is necessary to bring to the house.

The advantages of the Abyssinian well:

  • The design is so simple that its production does not require special knowledge;


Abyssinian the well with their hands

  • To install well need a minimal space;


  • For Abyssinian well do not need a special technique;


  • The pump can be installed even in the room.


  • The installation of the well is very fast;


  • The service life is quite long;


  • Unlike other variants, is the most cheap;


  • The water supply is continuous;


  • If necessary, have the ability to move the well to another location.


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