Abutilon (kontnik, maple room)

abutilon (kontnik, maple room)

Abutilon is also known kanatik, and maple room.

He is not too popular houseplants, and for good reason.

This evergreen shrub can become a decoration of any interior.

The leaves may be traditionally green, and mottled with patches of yellow and white specks.

And the flowers resemble bells elegantly hang down and presents a diverse color palette: from orange to dark pink.

While the flower is small, it can be grown on the windowsill, but over time he will need much more space.

The flowering period of abutilon is six months (may to October). At this time the flower needs plenty of water as it likes moist soil.

But irrigating the leaves can be much less. Winter allowed that do not do or do rarely, and watering is recommended during winter not as often as in the summer.


Room maple tree loves direct sunlight, so it is better to grow it on the South side. It should also not be forgotten that the flower does not like drafts, he does not tolerate them.

That the plant is well branched, early in the spring need pruning. And cut usually half the height of the stems.

No need to worry that the plant will wither, on the contrary, it will acquire a well-groomed appearance.

Abutilon is propagated, usually by cuttings. You can take just the ones that are left after pruning. To ensure that the sprouts have taken root, or use plain water, or mix peat with sand.

The main thing is to keep the air temperature was at least 20 degrees. Generally temperature must be very careful, especially in winter. If it drops below 12 degrees, the plant may lose leaves.

You can try to propagate the maple room and seeds. Only seeding is best done early in the year, in January. This is to ensure that the plant is able to bloom this year.

We should not forget about transplanting plants, which should be carried out every year in the spring. Moreover, it is necessary to use each time a larger pot.

But it is not necessary for the transplant to take too much capacity, it will adversely affect abutilon, as it blooms profusely only when its roots are tightly entwine clod of earth.

Plant to feel comfortable, to make it good soil. To do this, take equal amounts of grass, leaves and humus, add peat and sand and mix everything carefully. You can also use ready-made substrate such as soil Palma.

Of pests abutilon can hit aphids, mealy worm or spider mites. If this happens, wipe the leaves with soap solution.

If the plant was struck by a tick, you should increase the humidity in the room.

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