A shed for the garden with their hands

a shed for the garden with their hands

Those who have plot, need to understand how necessary outbuildings.

After all, in a country barn can accommodate the entire gardening tool, keep it clean and tidy, and most importantly always at hand.

Before building a shed for the garden, first select a suitable place to make a competent plan to avoid errors.

Of course, better choose a place where the barn will not be evident immediately upon entrance to the country.

Please note that this area was not of high humidity and do not accumulate melt-water.

For the Foundation of the barn need to make a pit depth of approximately two feet. After that, the pit covered the sand with gravel and on top of this layer of gravel.

The thickness of this «cushion» should be about ten centimeters. Then you need to make a timbering from boards, and then the reinforcing mesh is placed on the gravel and all are filled with concrete.

If we talk about the frame, you should consider that it may be different. Generally, in most cases it is made from plain bars.

Then, of course, they can be covered with lining. Some are used to cover brick.

Still practiced combined coating is when several rows lay out the bricks for stability, then a layer of waterproofing, and then continue to the wooden frame.

Thanks to the waterproofing layer does not contact the logs with a brick. To strengthen timber brick preferably T-shaped spikes, which will ensure the durability of the construction.

Next, you need to set the number of racks, depending on your plan.

They should be placed at a distance of five feet. To finish all necessary mounting top cord.

After that, you can do the installation of the walls. You need to remember that from the walls depends on how your building looks, which is its reliability.

Ideal for the walls of the shed will be planed boards. Explain why.

First, they are very quickly slipping the water; second, they are light color; and third, they are easy to protect with a preservative.

If the question of boards you want a radical approach, and most importantly economical, it is better to choose vertical.

Thus, they do not constrict each other and give more strength to your design. The roof of the shed for the garden can be a lean-to and gable.

a shed for the garden

For coverage you should purchase asbestos sheets, as their surface will provide the necessary water resistance.

You can also use steel sheets. They are good because they are lightweight and airtight.

Well, of course, in order to have everything fit in your shed, you must correctly calculate the amount and location of shelves.

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