A Playhouse for the garden with their hands

children's house with his own hands

A great addition to the Playground in the country will become a children’s Playhousethat can be built out of plywood with their hands.

Prepare sheets of plywood 8-12 mm thick On a sheet of paper sketching the sketch of the house, conduct measurements on the ground.

Define the installation location of the house, careful to close was not high trees which could in the wind to scare the kid.

Falling branches can cause damage of the house.

The house can be through in a tent. In this case, materials will need less. For the main posts-the boards are fastened sheets of plywood.

Can’t quite sew up the stairs, original look sheets of plywood cut in the shape of flowers or fairy-tale characters.

Small pieces of plywood fix on poles. Don’t forget to include the entrance to a Playhouse. This summer design may be scavenged, usually small houses-tents require a reliable roof.

You can apply a water-resistant plywood for the construction of the roof.

Ensure that the edge protected the house walls from rain. This lightweight design can be transported and installed in different parts of the garden.

You can decorate it with fabrics, film, plywood shapes that are subsequently painted with your child.

In the construction of children’s Playhouse for the garden with Windows and doors need to take into account the size of the Windows. The lower part of the window must be no higher than 50-60 cm from the ground, so you can monitor the baby during the game.

The door height is determined, starting from the growth of the child: usually the height of the door opening 20-30 cm higher than the kid.

The doorway is too low will cause bumps during the game. In the construction of the roof, try to make the slope not less than 45 degrees, so the kids didn’t climb the house. Beat wall plywood panels.

Fix them around the perimeter of the timber cross-section beams – 50×50 mm plywood on Top of the roof to attach the roofing boards overlap. After treatment of the walls with sandpaper, begin to paint.

Just like you can build a Playhouse for the garden with his own hands.

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