A house made of timber or laminated veneer lumber

wooden beams

When the whole family decided to build on rustic land garden house, unanimously came to the conclusion that you need to do out of wood.

Everyone wanted to be closer to nature.

This natural material does not require additional processing, unlike concrete or cinder block.

Besides houses made of timberis much easier than other materials, so the Foundation can be light weight, not so reinforced, as to stone buildings.

On average, a wooden house has 70 years, more than enough to give.

The only thing that these houses are considered a fire hazard, but if approached wisely and to take care of their security, starting with surface treatment, flame retardant, protection of wiring, fireplace, furnace, etc., trouble can be avoided.

Then the question arose, what is the best timber or glulam? Generally lumber is the material of greater than 100mm width and thickness.

Good durable building, with the correct geometry can be obtained only from good quality, dry wood.

Due to poorly dried lumber, then there could be problems with the design.


The tree may be deformed, cracks may occur, there will be shrinkage.

Here comes the fun part, thick logs, which are made of bars, it is almost impossible to dry in the cells efficiently, and so the market is very often is not quite good stuff.

To the country house was reliable and stood for a long time, we came to the conclusion that the best built of laminated veneer lumber. This material appeared relatively recently, about 20 years ago.

As the name implies, this bar is obtained by integrated deep treatment

glued laminated timber


When the manufacturer removed all defective places, and thanks to the laminated structure obtained quality construction, which exceeds the best properties of solid wood.

Glued laminated timber is considered high-strength materials with good bearing capacity.

Houses of this material is much stronger than, solid wood. In addition, it has fire resistance.

This material does not burn, when the temperature increases, the foam protects from fire, and this is due to flame retardants that are used in the processing of timber.

Plus, Russia has already used the production profile of the timber sizes from 240 to 600 mm in cross section.

This gives us the opportunity to realize almost any idea of building.

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