Dream zoo — what is it?

Almost all people from young to old love to visit the zoo. But if you had a zoo? What it will tell different interpreters.


Zoo: if you dream

A modern dream book

When you happen to dream to visit the zoo soon reality will go on a long business trip or a tourist trip. Had a dream you visited the zoo with the kids?

Actually wait for success, salary increase and other benefits. Had seen in the dream of the Dolphin and be there? In reality get quick movement on a career ladder, higher salary, and you will feel great success in your professional life. When beheld in a dream a terrarium, in fact, you should pay more attention to their health.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

By dream zoo is a symbol of the process of containment of the instincts. Here, all interpretations of dreams depend on those animals which had to contemplate in the cells.

Oriental dream book

Had to dream zoo and walk on it – so in fact there will be serious problems that will be very difficult to solve. When in the dream you went with the kids to the zoo, it is worth considering, whether you pay due attention to the family.

The dream dictionary from A to z

When in the dream you beheld himself at the zoo, in reality, will face on his journey with such people who seek to hurt you at the first available opportunity. But if some circumstances do not give them to do, then you will be able to bypass a dangerous situation side. To behold by dream zoo with animals that are restless – in fact, you will be able to win over the enemies and all the adversity that made life. Seen the roar and growl of the animals is a warning symbol, you need to think about threats, the probability of which is soon high. To publicly humiliated dignity can dream lion. Seen bars portends unforeseen circumstances. And badger to dream of a happy turn of events after long continued unpleasant moments.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Were in the zoo in your dream? So in reality you can expect disturbing developments, which have pretty jittery. Animals symbolize the interpreter of passions and vices.

Dream Interpretation Longo

When in a dream, strolling through the zoo, you saw an unknown animal, in reality you will get acquainted with interesting man who will be able to provide significant assistance in the implementation of the plans. When the cages of the zoo you see animals, and people, in reality you have no kindness towards people. However, it is important to remember that you need to show respect for people, even if they do not reach the level of development is up to you.

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