Dream interpretation: dream zip

Lightning is a symbol of surprises and not always pleasant. What a dream to see the lightning?

What dreams lightning dream interpretation

What dreams lightning dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

The vision of lightning heralds a bright event in life that will last long. Overhead the lightning flashed – money, joy. To see a flash of lightning illuminated everything around them – your friends talking about you, lightning flashed, and you saw him – you envy this man.

To see the storm, the glittering lightning – to bad events. For men this dream means that you need to be vigilant at work, for women that she needs to spend more time with his family.

If someone is ill, the dream may be a harbinger of the deterioration of this man.

Psychological dream dictionary

In this dream, lightning – aggressive sign symbolizing your dislike to the object or person covered zipper. Also lightning is a symbol of the desire to see everything in its true light, to know the truth.

If the person had a lightning in real life is afraid of her, sleep should be viewed as a subconscious fear of death. Zip seems to to the health problems develop quickly, of heart attacks, strokes, appendicitis, and accident cases.

Children’s dream book

About ball lightning a dream usually means that there will soon be a bright and extraordinary event in your life, and you in the near future you will need a large supply of patience. To see a normal zipper – you need to react faster to what is happening around.

Family dream book

Had lightning – new love passion, which will take all your free time. If lightning struck right in you – to a passionate, rapidly developing romance.

To see how lightning has struck close to you, soon he will have problems in his personal life. To see from a lightning strike affected things around – for the new connection, you will sacrifice good relations with kith and kin.

A good sign is to see lightning for a person who is engaged in farming. This dream foretells good weather and a bountiful harvest. Good news zipper promises for a sailor the voyage will be successful. If lightning in a dream he saw in love, his marriage would be happy.

Lightning struck the small object, and it flew – to quarrel with friends. Ball lightning was very close, but not touched – for profit, for money. To see how the lightning shines in the clear sky without clouds, is retribution for past sins.

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