What a dream in which you see a young man

Youth is a symbol of health, beauty. Dreams of boys can mean a trivial burst of energy and, perhaps, that the court began in the spring. In any case, read that can mean a dream in which present man.

molodi sleep

What does it mean to see a young man in a dream

People’s dreams

If the woman had young man, she owns the work or cooperation with incompetent people and the responsibility will fall on it to achieve success in business is difficult enough.

Man, dream man, means that beside him there is a man who is more popular. One must be patient and not to give her irritation.

A dream in which acquaintances, older people had a young, means that they will be healthy and live a long life. In this case, the assistance and kindness to the elderly will come from the person who saw such a dream.

Autumn dream interpretation

Sleep with the young person to better health.

Summer dream

In this dream the young to see yourself – to ill-health, old age. To dream of young people – be healthy, to feel vigor and energy. See how your body and looks younger – pay attention to their health and skin.

Spring dream interpretation

If a young man sees an older man to a serious illness that can lead to death. A dream in which someone younger on the eyes – expect a radical change in life that will affect your appearance for the better. An old man sees himself as the young – to improve health, have more energy.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

The young man in the dream appeared before you and took your face – you have a thin and delicate mind. You need to force soft nature to find a field of activity in itself, where you will be able to keep everything under control and trust your colleagues. As a young man may be a dream for the stupid and reckless actions. You should be more careful and not to talk too much, not to take on too many things, otherwise you’ll have to blush for incompetence.

For a sick person this dream foretells a young man a speedy recovery, and for business people – good luck in business.

Ukrainian dream book

If you see younger in sleep, in life threatening serious illness. A dream in which you look many years younger, warns of imminent disease, which will lead to a tragic outcome. Pay more attention to their health. Also, this dream advises to do with their appearance, to change the image.

Esoteric dream book

For a sick person according to the esoteric dream book a young man – a good sign. His condition will improve, soon will come the recovery. Saw that much younger than their own children – is waiting for you a long life. Dreams in which he saw his older friends, young people – they will be healthy and have a long life.

Erotic dream book

For women a young man dream to stay for a while, harmony in relationships and intimate life. If the guy is evil and ugly – she’ll be disappointed his beloved, their relationship is a complete disorder. For men young man in a dream means the emergence of more experienced and charismatic opponent, capable of destroying the love fest.

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