Dream interpretation: yellow dream

Yellow in a dream – to disease, envy. You may be cheated or cheating on you. And the appearance in visions of the items are yellow can be interpreted in different ways.

What dreams yellow dream interpretation

What dreams yellow dream interpretation

Esoteric dream book

Yellow dream car for the upcoming weather changes or your mood.

Clothing yellow dreams, if you have a professional to do spiritual work. Maybe you will become a priest or a monk.

To change, or separation from loved ones having yellow flowers.

You can catch the deterioration in household or business plan.

Spring dream interpretation

Yellow face or yellow eyes – the soul will suffer.

Summer dream

Be alert, if you had a dream that I fell ill with jaundice. Dream can come true in the literal sense.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Affairs postponed indefinitely, someone from your entourage is jealous, does not exclude the betrayal if saw yellow in a dream.

Dream Book Of Veles

To luck, financial well-being dream yellow. Sometimes these dreams predict losses, illness or boredom.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

That you person is talented and extraordinary, indicated by a yellow color. Take creativity. The main thing – to find the area where your skills will bring the most pleasure.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Paint in my dream, something in yellow, it means that there is someone very envious of your successes. Prepare yourself for the fact that you will be intrigue to interfere with the successful completion of cases.

The newest dream book

Attention! Diseases of the digestive tract has a dream in which you are wearing yellow clothes.

A modern dream book

Had yellow – will meet with the woman. It will do you much good. However, be prepared for the fact that the problems will be many. Thus interpreted in the dream interpretation yellow.

Oriental dream book

Yellow leaves symbolizes the collapse of plans and hopes.

You expect prosperity, success, fun, if you dream you prefer yellow clothes. Very good sleep.


To see yellow – to become the object of envy. Think of sleep as a warning.

Get acquainted with Asian, if dreamt suffer from jaundice.

English dream interpretation

Cheerful yellow color in the dream is mapped to irresponsibility, cunning and guile. Perhaps with this you get a warning about the upcoming meanness, trouble in relationships or at work. If you suspect yourself of cowardice or attempts to avoid responsibility, then this may explain the appearance of a yellow color.

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