What does a dream in which you see the pit

Pit in dreams is a symbol of a difficult situation, the collapse of the business, falling into debt, etc. a Dream in which you dig a hole, portends complex both in material and moral sense, period.

hole in a dream

To see a hole in the dream

Spring dream interpretation

To dream of a hole – to the great danger of death.

Autumn dream interpretation

Pit in a dream – threat, situation or illness, life-threatening.

Summer dream

Seen in a dream the pit means that it will soon emerge a very unpleasant story that happened to you before. You will look very unattractive.

Children’s dream book

Pit dreams to betrayal, a trap, which was prepared by your detractors.

Family dream book

Saw in a dream pit – take a dirty, shameful act, know many people, including your loved ones. It is not necessary to hope that they will quickly forgive you, this will take a lot of time. You have to redeem yourself, change your attitude to life and friends. Otherwise you’ll be left alone.

Erotic dream book

The intimate source of the story about what dreaming about a hole in the ground. A man who dreamed that he with his own hands dig a hole in real life, wants to make love with an innocent girl. If digging a hole woman in her life she fantasizes about sex with his girlfriend. Falling into a pit means a new intimate relationship.

Esoteric dream book

Dig hole for planting trees, installation of poles – in real life you are too much focus on small problems, doing samoedstvom. See the pit – you are able to solve tasks. Should be distracted, to leave the solution of complex problems. Fall in the pit – your company expect the collapse and failure. For those who want to know what you dream of falling in a hole, – the answer is disappointing. You are in danger for life.

Ukrainian dream book

Fall in the pit you in trouble, get out of a hole to get out of a difficult situation, recover from a serious illness, to avoid danger to life. Throw something in a hole in the family is lost. Generally pit in a dream – unfortunately.

Russian folk dream interpretation

Something to throw into the pit is to miss an important chance. Dreams from the pit, in which are animals, so communication with a strict and demanding people. To earn their trust, you will have to put a lot of effort. Pit into which you descend by a rope, symbolizing the unsuccessful case which you will not have any benefit, but only in vain will waste time.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Jump over the pit – you need to find out the relationship with his sexual partner. There is a problem in intimate relationships that interfere with your life. Fall in the pit – coming soon take a bad act, which will be known to friends and family. See someone in the pit – do you have sadistic tendencies, you would be over someone power.

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