Had a yacht in the sea – a dream tells about this dream

What a dream boat? Perhaps a symbol of the future of luxury and fun? Find out the downers.

dream yacht

As dream explains a yacht in a dream

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

As a rule, the yacht is synonymous with leisure, but because a vision of a yacht in a dream should be interpreted as a desire to relax and escape from everyday hustle and bustle. You are too tired from everyday cares, and to ward off all the alarms you need some time to be alone, nothing to worry.

By dream boat in the sea foretells joyous events. If you have a favorite person, he will soon present to you a surprise or a welcome gift.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you had a boat on a river, expect the unexpected profits that will allow you to pay off old debts. If you offer to invest the money in a profitable project, you should not refuse.

It is also possible promotion or increase in pay. To see people sailing on the yacht, celebrate, winning the lottery or in a competition. To hold the event on a yacht at work will offer to conduct a profitable project.

The dream of modernity

By dream boat in the sea is a prosperous sign. If your loved ones went on a trip, they will return it without unpleasant adventures. If you have a business trip on business issues, she also goes smoothly.

To see how the yacht is at anchor, to calm leisure. If you’re planning a trip, it goes well, but a very vivid emotion you get.

Psychological dream dictionary

To dream that you are sailing on a yacht – in the interpretation of such a dream is of great importance that the kind of mood you were in that moment. If you feel comfortable, is a good sign if you felt anxiety, you are afraid of the changes ahead.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The dream yacht is a worrying sign if it is failing. It portends disappointment in loved ones, you may have to abandon its long-held dream.

To see yourself on a sinking boat to a love disappointment and betrayal from the partner. It is also possible that the husband or wife is hiding from you their earnings. If you crash on the boat and experiencing other people, perhaps in the near future you and your friends try to cheat the cheaters. The boat went down – will have to abandon the dream vacation. To see the wreckage – to the great disappointment.

Gypsy dream book

This dream interpretation says: yacht in the sea is interpreted as a particularly good sign if it has a white color. Bright colors symbolize the carefree, if the boat has been painted in dark colors, your planned trip will not be so smooth. The bright color of the yacht says that soon you will get a lot of new experiences.

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