What dream that you see a wreath, dream interpretation

Downers wreath not only can it be a symbol of happiness and bright prospects, but also to be an unfavorable sign. For girls sleep with the wreath means a disease or predicts that she will never become a bride in real life.

dream wreath

To dream wreath

Women’s dream book

To see a wreath in a dream of leaves – will soon overtake the glory, it will be a success, the respect of friends. Floral wreath – immerse yourself in a romantic relationship, and also will be able to increase well-being. From the leaves of the Myrtle, palm trees – to the big and mutual love, which will lead to a legal marriage, the birth of healthy babies. With withered flowers, leaves symbolizes sickness, discord in romantic relationships. To see the wreath of the bride – a quick solution to an unpleasant situation and a good way out of the predicament.

Summer dream

See on his head a wreath of wildflowers – soon to expect a wedding.

Spring dream interpretation

In the dream a funeral wreath to a long life, from wildflowers, long time can not find the family, the Bridal wreath – the failure of the marriage, weave themselves against you build intrigue. A Laurel wreath signifies success and victory in business.

Family dream book

A wreath of cane, bamboo leaves, reeds symbolizes happiness and good luck, you are on the right track and achieve harmony. If the wreath is broken or sheared sheets – soon you will fail all cases, so be careful, to be patient and not to resort to drastic measures.

To dream about a wreath of fresh flowers – will soon have the chance to improve their material well-being. The wreath begins to fade quickly take action to rescue their romantic relationships, otherwise there will be complete disorder. For lovers this dream means imminent health problems. Young lady trying on Bridal wreath – all the problems and delayed cases will be completed successfully. Georginova wreath – expect good luck, success in business.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

To wear a wreath of flowers on her head to earn the love and respect for the family.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon

Golden crown – happy life, the leaves of the oak – win. To dream of a funeral wreath, to become heir to, lay at the grave – expect the birth of twins to bear in mind is fame and success. The wreath woven from flowers, means love of excitement.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To see a wreath on the head – for an early marriage, a funeral wreath – the loss of a loved one. A man sees himself with a wreath on the head – you get into a stupid situation.

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