Had wound dream interpretation

In most sleepers, the wound is a symbol of misfortune. It may manifest the consequences of any negative actions, deceit, ill-considered steps. For hibernate to see the wound could mean unfair treatment from others. But the interpretation of the dream may depend on what happens with the wound, she was bleeding or, conversely, to heal.

What dreams wound in a dream

What dreams wound in a dream

Women’s dream book

  • Wounded people is in danger;
  • Bandage the wound to the er good luck;
  • Wounded close to – severe disease with possible fatal outcome;
  • Bleed – emerge the old charges.

Dream Interpretation Freud

The wound in the dream tells about a long-term relationship that will be painful. The dream warns of deception, had a fight with a loved one.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • Wound unfortunately;
  • Seeing yourself injured is not intended to be fulfilled;
  • Bloody wound – the loss of a patron or lover.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

If the sleeping wounded in the dream, people to make you suffer. Bleeding wounds – you will feel emotional pain, and to treat wounds to find peace for a while. If the sleeper gets hit by a knife or sharp object, the trouble comes from a loved one you trusted.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

  • To see the wound for the soul, the emotional pain;
  • You hurt several times in the same place, the disease;
  • To hurt someone – the loss of friends, quarrels, resentment;
  • A small wound is a small slander.

English dream interpretation

For those whose activity is connected with money, the dream may indicate problems with finances. Seen in a dream the wound on his leg – a warning that problems will come from subordinates that you trust. In some cases, recurring dreams in which you see yourself wounded, say that you need a change of environment and place of residence.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Bloody wounds portend a lot of trouble, sickness, quarrels. Such dreams say that you don’t believe in the spiritual origin of man, so can’t count on.

  • Old wounds are bleeding – you will remember past mistakes;
  • To treat the wounds of another person – your mission is to help people;
  • Hurt you – changes in your personal life;
  • To dream of a wound on the body of the middle – loss and disease.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

  • Wounds of bad news and troubles;
  • Wounds on the hands or feet – of failure in your career;
  • The wounds on his chest, quarrels with relatives;
  • Wounds on the head – you are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Chinese dream interpretation

Bleeding wound warns about problems with alcohol, and apply to myself – to great financial gain.

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