To see the worms in the dream — what is it?

Worms is a very troublesome problem. And what to expect if you had worms? Is the answer different interpreters.

what dream worms

Dream interpretation what dream worms

A modern dream book

Dreamt about worms? In reality, you will find new friends and pleasant moments in life. I saw in the dream worms in large quantity — in reality you have to expose the secret detractors. When in a dream you happened to witness ascarids, in reality you will unpleasant dealing with a bad man or you will be unjustly accused of anything.

Esoteric dream book

The dream interpretation worms mark that soon you will find favorable life.

Online dream book

This interpreter of worms is a symbol of the celebration of interesting meetings in the near future. When in the dream the parasites were numerous, in reality, you will be able to expose enemies, who want to make you feel bad.

When I dreamt that a man is suffering from tapeworms, then in reality you will be able to live for others. In the dream were worms in baby — so you’re overprotective. Keep in mind that too great anxiety not only affects your nerves, but also on the health of the child.

When the dream had worms in white, then in reality you will have to have a serious conversation, and maybe even move away from his love, to solve some problems. You dream of worms or the worms? In business you have to be more careful and more serious.

A complacent attitude can cause serious harm and worsen the situation of your Affairs. To traps and intrigue in the near future — that’s what dream worms that were in Calais. Only perseverance and great will power will achieve the desired goal and to ignore all the trouble.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

With sleep worms portend an ambulance, but it is no ordinary meeting. Soon you will meet people, familiarity with it will not only be hugely enjoyable, but will bring special favor. But such a dream can predict some trouble and development of of ailments. Do not relax or give up. Only in open opposition to the enemies, you can avoid serious problems.

Spring dream interpretation

I saw in the dream worms? In reality will experience illness within three days.

Summer dream

I had a dream about worms or have you heard them suffer — so in reality you will lead a parasitic way of life.

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