Worms in a dream

Sometimes in a dream you can see the worms. Many believe that it is a harbinger of problems that will undermine your life. Let’s see what they are talking about such dreams.

What dream worms

What dream worms

Dream Meridian

To dream of worms in the human body – a sign that you are constantly worried about something. You may not sufficiently appreciate the love and friendship, what your personal relationships with people does not add up. This dream can dream and those who pays too much attention to financial wealth and little thought about the moral side of life.

Another interpretation of the dreams of worms in the body is the enemies. Probably someone is preparing a conspiracy against you, and you intuitively fear that life will begin to take shape not as you want.

Russian dream book

Worms in a dream – to receive a large profit or gain.

Children’s dream book

If the child had worms, then it can expect trouble, including sickness or disease.

Dream interpretation for women

To the question «what have the worms?» the dream is answered in the following way. These animals can be a precursor to disease or evil intrigues on the part of someone from your surroundings.

If the girl dream like crawling worms, it will not be to seek for spiritual values and will seek only in all material benefit. But if a woman manages to throw off the worms, her life will be sublime and full of spiritual ideals.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

Worms in a dream can be a sign of hidden negativity in a woman’s life. For example, it is not completely satisfied with my work or sex life, but prefers to never complain about it. In other words, these issues bite her just as quietly and steadily, like a worm gnaws a tree trunk.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

If you see crawling on the earth worms, it means that your friends held you anger and prepare some treacherous act. In the worst case, sleep with a worm can result in sudden death of man from your environment.

Spring dream interpretation

If you thought you saw worms in the flesh, it is a harbinger of the possible disease. If the worms are in the ground, then you have small enemies that can seriously ruin your life, but will still cause trouble.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

What might have worms? Perhaps, to a rapid deterioration of health or decline in vitality. Crawling along the body of the worms symbolize the appearance in the body inflammatory processes. Some dream about wormy food is to the problems at work.

The Dream Miller

If you dream you catch fish on a worm, then you will be able to reverse the blunders of the enemy in their favor. Besides the dream about worms is the reason to check the state of your health.

Assyrian dream book

Eat worms – to the resounding success and fame.

Esoteric dream book

Earthworms – have a nice trip, preparations for which will not give you much trouble. If you find worms on their plate, someone from your environment is abusing you or your work. Well, the worms in the ground – a harbinger of a great harvest, a good catch or increase of cattle.

French dream book

To dream of the silkworm is a sign that in your life there may come a difficult situation, but friends will come to your aid.

Autumn dream interpretation

Worms in the meat – to disease of the legs or feet, and in the ground before committing the dastardly act.

Summer dream

For this dream book to see worms in the meat – a sign that soon you will hear something slanderous about your relatives. But the worms in the ground – a harbinger of war or other major disasters.

Finally, white worms in a dream means that you will fail at love Affairs or will not cope with certain job responsibilities.

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