If seems to work in my sleep

If you are haunted by a dream about former job, then your subconscious mind takes the characters. You missed something, unfinished. If you are illegally dismissed have been treated unfairly, this dream will be repeated many times. Dream work, dream interpretation.

Sleep robot

What does a dream about work?

Autumn dream interpretation

You will be offered beneficial cooperation, the promotion at work.

Summer dream

The former work in a dream – to a difficult conversation with the boss. To see behind the closed doors of the chief to resolve business conflict. Open the door to difficulties in the workplace.

Spring dream interpretation

Dream signals about approaching a long illness. Drink vitamins, otherwise your place will be more nimble colleague!

Women’s dream book

In the dream, to do hard physical work dream to obtain a job with which you can do the job, but to finish it successfully.

Dreaming your work is done by other colleagues is a winning situation for you.

By dream dream old job and instead of you working for somebody else or to the disease or wait for dismissal!

See, I work with pleasure, – will receive the gratitude or reward from management.

Can’t find the door in the dream in the workplace – wait for troubles, inability to make the right choice in workplace conflict. Such a dream can predict your «involvement» in choosing the right and correct decisions.

Small dream book of Veles

To remain without work – to the emergence of new beneficial cooperation. A dream where you perform the functions of housekeeper, that is, working for someone else’s uncle promises you a bleak and hopeless labor. It’s a good sign to change your job, do some self-education, enroll in foreign language courses or obtain a related profession, which will be read by the personnel Department in the selection of the employee to a higher position!

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Be sure to remember the number that you dreamed in a dream! The subconscious tells us that during this period there will be changes in your life.

A dream about a new job tells you that if you are unhappy with your job and want to change it, follow suggested sleep number! This can be, for example, and 8 days, and 8 months.

If you are in a rush, you get pleasure from the work done in the dream, wait improve, gratitude, gift according to your dream figure.

Numerological dream book

Hard work in the dream with a sense of satisfaction – dream interpretation on the work interprets that you deserve a reward and encouragement. Dismissed – lack of prospects and the «swamp» at work. Job search – getting unexpected attractive offers.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

Dream about work outside the workplace or office – the disorder with the boss, the conflict situation in the team or break with a loved one. To seek employment – to-income; to give (charging) another – losing luck, unfortunate coincidence. To see other people engaged in work, – the emergence of hope, new beginnings and ideas. To see a man engaged in physical labor, the recovery, the retreat of the disease, the prospect of a large fortune.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

To write in a dream a letter of resignation in challenging thought about finding another job. You may not cope with their duties, and superiors makes you notes that you take with a heavy heart.

Dream about work where you are looking for a new position, talks about poor condition of your wallet.

You lack courage and determination to show themselves in need as a competent worker, for you it is a complete collapse and great personal doubt.

Received in sleep increase or reward – in reality a complete disappointment and emotional hurt in real life.

To run during sleep duties on a specialty – to the news about getting the proposal to pass courses of improvement of qualification. After such a dream proposal related to the different courses shall be welcomed! This is your «legacy», which will support you when you change jobs or suggestions for job improvement.

Oriental dream book

If a man sees in a dream that he lost his job, the Chinese horoscope promises him an increase in cash collateral and a high step.

Someone else writes a letter of resignation from work is loss of purse or a failed transaction, involving a loss of money. You write in the dream, a statement about wanting to leave the boring work – expect minor conflicts with friends.

A woman sees a dream about her husband’s work – her family expect full prosperity and family well-being.

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