What dream wolves

To dream of wolves does not always mean coming danger. This dream has many positive interpretations. We have gathered for you the value of dreams from legitimate dreams.

What dream wolves

What dream wolves

Dream Meridian

What have wolves?

For women meeting with the wolf heralds the long lost love of her husband. If too many of them, waiting for her imminent wedding.

Fight with a wolf in a dream means a constant struggle with their systems. If you won, you have for real.

What dream striker wolf? Your relatives may turn against you. Change your ways or get ready to do battle.

If you dream you are protected from predator, so soon will be in the midst of great scandal.

Women’s dream book

The wolf in the dream is a warning about the presence of the unfaithful among colleagues. He is able to make unseemly act, and to blame it you. If you kill the wolf, you ensure victory in battle.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

The wolf – beast alone. It has long been the enemy of man. Because of the huge number of Proverbs referring to the beast, his image is associated with enemies and troubles.

What can dream wolves prey on goats or lambs? Do not expect help from others, solve their own problems. This will bring success.

If a wolf in a dream can’t hunt, you shouldn’t agree to a new attractive offers.

To dream of a wolf hiding in the barn, and quenches his thirst from the trough, a very bad sign. He says the presence of the hidden enemy in your environment. If you soon find you can lose a lot.

A wounded wolf says that someone needs your help. If you care for it, so, in reality, will soon be faced with a person negative which was a big mistake.

If a wolf howls in the dream, you are waiting for false accusations. This will most likely be work-related.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

What dreams a wolf? At work in your environment there are stupid mouthy person, because of which the competitors can learn important trade secrets.

Killed wolf – victory over difficult circumstances and treacherous people.

Howling wolf – quick exposing the enemies and solving conspiracies.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

The wolf often says about loneliness, or about the traits of a predator.

The wolf that is near – proof that you have no friends.

Often the wolf can mean that someone is using you for personal gain.

The wolf is growling at you? You got or will soon be in a hopeless situation.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

This dream about the wolf says he is a symbol of cruelty. But at the same time the beast is a symbol of independence, love of freedom, readiness to the last drop of blood to defend their beliefs.

Wolf fighting a Fox, soon hidden enemy will show itself.

Black wolf – man’s appearance, which is not what it seems.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing – the meanness, betrayal. A blow from a loved one, clothed in full trust.

The wolf that eats from your hand, is the enemy; he long concealed, finally show its face and will be defused.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Wolf in a dream implies that you are plotting. Perhaps the great betrayal or theft.

If you tried to kill a wolf in a dream, ready to fight with enemies. You already feel that someone from your environment weaves intrigues against you. Left to find and disarm.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Wolf says the presence of the hidden enemy.

Wolf hunting – you or your friends are waiting for a big fight.

You caught the wolf – get ready for a great battle.

Dead wolf to serious trouble.

French dream book

Wolf – warning. Soon you will meet a treacherous person.

A wolf bite to disease and heavy losses.

The victory over the wolf – you will emerge victorious in the upcoming battle. You are waiting for financial success.

A lot of wolves on the way to long-term failures.

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