What dream that you see a witch dream book

Magic figure witch in real life is mixed feelings. Someone thinks of witches representatives of evil forces and shuns them, and some are willing to turn to him in all situations. In our dreams witches can be both good and bad.

dream witch

To see the witch in the dream

Summer dream

Saw in a dream a witch-grandmother – state of health and appearance is poor, need more to do themselves.

I dream of a witch – it’s time to go to the salon to the beautician to visit the doctor, to prevention, to strengthen health, to do sports.

Spring dream interpretation

A young witch – to sudden events, surprise, the old sorceress, to a long illness.

Women’s dream book

You were attacked by the witch – wait, family problems, or difficulties at work.

Family dream book

Sleeping with a witch would do the unpleasant news, there is a wish to annoy you, their actions can cause big problems. To kill a witch in a dream – to break relationship with a bad person. Was a member of the magic ritual of witches – you are unsure of your abilities, try to contact the person you will be no good. Found in the person of the witch features his wife or sweetheart in a relationship there will come a period of cooling. In this dream the witch-like mother-in-law, means a trick from the relatives, the relatives can prevent the implementation of plans. You should not listen to their advice, then only you will get the desired result.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

What a dream witch in the dream – trying to prove their superiority over others. The second reason for such dreams – you are reserved, trying not to show to others your anger and frustration. Witch means that you expect a romantic relationship from a man trying to convince him stay in your side.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The witch is a sign of illness, depression, danger.

Erotic interpreter

You should be careful in meeting new people that can become a cause of resentment, humiliation and frustration. You just have to wait, to be patient, not to take the initiative, and as a result, You will achieve your goals. The witch in a dream can mean the action of evil forces in your destiny and in real life.

It can also be a reflection of your essence. Are you tired of the established norms and rules, want to relax, to go beyond the line. A dream in which a witch appeared, – a warning to lovers riotous living, they may fall victim to attacks, suffer humiliation, insults.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

The sleeping in dream is touching the witch – to plot, the ugly witch to a big fight, just a witch – meeting with the insidious woman.

Ukrainian dream book

Meet in a dream with a witch – trouble.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream with witch, means Your excessive looseness, openness, which can cause a big scandal.

Mythological dream book

Witch in dreams – before the accident, the adverse outcome of the dispute, to the plot. Also, the dream means that in real life there are treacherous and evil woman, that works against You.

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