What a dream red wine

Tried white or red wine in dream? To good or evil, comes this vision – this will tell the various dream books.

Wine in a dream

What sees wine in a dream

A modern dream book

Drinking of wine foretells happy events and good fortune in business Affairs.

Girl, litsezreet in the dream, a keg of wine, will soon become a wife.

Pour the wine in a dream – to joy. Accidentally I had to pour the wine – will be awarded with great awards during his career. Poured wine drink – wait for wealth.

Saw white wine in a dream – you will succeed in all your endeavors. Champagne promises an undoubted success in the implementation of your ideas.

You will find fun – that’s what you dream of red wine.

Drinking wine in a dream – you will always be surrounded by friends in large numbers. If it was sweet – wait for the fulfillment of desires and prosperity.

Cloudy beverage promises sadness. Wine Apple predicts fun and excitement. Tried vermouth – maybe soon will blame themselves for some action.

And what dream of drinking red wine? It is to the predominance of good mood.

When in dreams you are invited to drink wine with a group of people – will live long and differ in excellent condition. Beheld how tasted wine with someone – wait for the imminent fight.

When you heard in a dream from out the cotton from a bottle of champagne cork – soon you will find deception of the person you have always trusted.

If you dream you met with the seller of wine ahead of a dangerous acquaintance.

Wine cellar in which you were during sleep, promises unnecessary gossip. If you saw a cellar outside – successfully invest your money and collect the right for something amount.

Women’s dream book

Dreams with different types of wines in reality predicting joy and friendship. A young girl that he saw or drank in a dream wine, you should think about the forthcoming wedding.

Saw wine barrels – will soon live in luxury.

Cellar where you see a lot of barrels or bottles, promises joyful feelings and positive emotions.

When you dream you had to deal with transfusion of wines vessels, soon you will go on a nice trip or take part in fun entertainment.

In the dream you were engaged in the bottling of wine – get a well-paid position.

Happened to break a bottle of wine – maybe the passion will overcome all limits.

Small dream book of Veles

Tried wine – will be fulfilled hope, always waiting for fun and good.

Wine red can show in the dream to something good or fighters. White wine dream to joy.

The wine is clean promises a rich life. The turbidity of the beverage predicts a sad situation. If dreaming to taste wine, diluted with water, and possible disease.

Treat someone drink wine foretells a funeral.

Wash wine to dream of unprofitable business. Wine accidentally spilled, unfortunately.

Had the dream act as the seller of wine with someone quarrel.

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