What a dream window

The window – a symbol of new horizons and beginnings, but for the full interpretation of a dream is necessary to take into account all the nuances. Read the interpretation set forth in the authoritative downers of the world. What does it mean to dream of a window?

Dream window

To China to dream of a window

Russian folk dream interpretation

Here’s the interpretation of dreams an open window if he has to stand – there will be some life changes.

Trying to find a way in the dream, the window appeared in front of the eyes, indicate that opportunities to direct state of Affairs for the better becomes a lot less.

If you had a broken window, going to be disappointed in something and feel mental anguish.

A modern dream book

In the dreams the window’s open promises to receive cash or gift.

Faced with a new passion – that’s what having a window where he’s trying to get lady.

If you dream you saw that fell out of the window, wait for a major quarrel or even a fight.

Had closed the window portends boredom.

Separation promises that had on the window to play.

Had to put the glass in the frame – in reality certainly take precautions to avoid trouble.

To see the window frame – up to a General discussion of your intimate life.

In the dream burn window curtains – enjoy an amazing new twist of life events.

You had in the dream, to feel fear about what the window that is closed, someone will get, then you for some reason are afraid of the future.

When in the dream window curtain pattern webs or have to look out through the shutters, reality can overcome the feeling of loneliness due to isolation.

When in the dream, I knock on the window, a high risk of developing the disease, which is treated surgically.

And when in a dream had seen on the windowsill in reality encounter the madness and punish themselves with their own envy.

Small dream book of Veles

When the window is maximized, you can wait for guests or gifts.

Closed can dream up to boredom.

The glass in the broken window – the eve of poverty and loss.

In the dream there was a window with neat and whole glass – in reality it portends great happiness in life.

In the dream to look out the window – coming news. Fell out of a window to development of argument.

To ruin can dream process vylezanija out the window. The window, curtained with black cloth, dream to sadness because of the illness of a loved one.

Children’s dream book

To see the open window – in reality manifest itself in an open and trusting person. On the contrary, a closed box indicates the focus inward.

In the dream looked in a clean window – then you’re perceived in the world as it is and not to allow to mislead yourself.

Had a dirty window indicates a bad mood and anger.

Women’s dream book

Unsuccessful completion of important cases, loss of respect of family and friends – that’s what dream window, where you are trying in the dream to look as they passed by.

Seen a closed window means neglect.

Had to break in the dream the window – wait for the charges of treason.

When you’re in a dream came in through the window in the home, you will be accused of using dubious methods used ostensibly in order to reach noble objectives.

In the dream I had to run through the window, approaching misfortune.

Family dream book

Had a window heralds the end of hope. Broken window promises a suspicion of infidelity.

Had a dream you have settled on the windowsill, in reality, be all his recklessness.

If you are in the dream, I managed to get through the window in the housing, you will be caught cheating.

In the dream you had to look out the window and see something strange – in reality may no longer be a respected person and meet with failure.

If I had to run through the window, be careful, because close to the trouble.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you got in the dream the window, you are too curious and get to know yourself and the world.

In the dream you get out of the window – high probability of trouble or to find the right way to solve the problem.

When in the dream, opened the window, you are a person open to people, or feel regret for anything.

In the dream, you get out of the broken window – solve complex problems or perform exciting desires.

Sleep when you look out the window, predicts life chances, or this turn of events, which should be interpreted in the view that opens from the window.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Symbolizing the sexual organs, the window open in the dream promises joy available sexual relationships.

To see a dirty window – to meet the health problems of the genitals.

When a woman dreams that she opens the window, this indicates that she has a desire for sexual relations with another lady. When a man dreams, a window opens, he wants to have sexual contact.

Window washing – the desire to have children.

You broke the window to meet in reality because of the intimate adventure can become a big problem.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Stand in the dream in front of an open window – so in reality expected to change and choose a new life path.

If the window would knock the birds – unexpected news.

To stand at someone’s window to be confronted by unplanned expenses because of your desire supposedly a friend to bust you.

Had broken glass predicts a disease, sad at heart and disappointment.

To see a closed window to face the reality with an unexpected obstacle.

Wash in the dream dirty window – in real life for their hard work will get prosperity and success.

Promises to face with something mysterious seen a silhouette by the window.

Trying to get home through the window foretells a fun and relaxing pastime.

Attempt to open the window in my sleep promises hope for a brighter future.

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