What dreams the wind

You did not give rest to the wind in a dream? Perhaps he is a harbinger of change? Here is how to interpret a dream different dreams.

Dream interpretation wind

What does the dream about the wind?

Small dream book of Veles

In the dream the wind predicts receiving good news, welcome love, but can be a symbol of empty promises and unnecessary worries.

The wind blew from the sea – wait for help from distant countries.

If the wind was quiet and calm is to have fun in all things and faithful friends in life.

The breeze brings different news. To challenging obstacles and enemies – that’s what dreams strong wind.

In the dream, the wind touched the leaves and she started to rustle – will soon be apart with your loved one.

A modern dream book

Disadvantageous to the deal – that’s what having a wind.

The quiet wind in the dream invites a reality to you loyal and devoted friends.

Powerful gusts of wind foreshadow the obstacles and the machinations of enemies. Strong winds blowing from the sea, promises to help from faraway places.

To dream of the wind that pushes, – in reality to get help from friends.

When the wind suddenly picked up and carried, possible loss of control, the appearance of danger.

You felt a slight gust of wind – breath of reality after a heavy loss to greater success.

When you heard a breeze rustling – in reality moved away from the man who just can’t live without you.

In the dream you were walking against a strong wind, a slap in the face, – in reality you will not even think to go from the right path to achieve the desired goal.

When the wind creates obstacles for moving forward, but in reality you expect disappointment in love Affairs and failure.

The wind is fair, promises reliable allies, capable of helping you successfully complete and overcome the most ardent opponents.

In the dream you were hiding in the woods, only the sound of the wind came to your ears – in reality you bypassed all the trouble.

When in a dream you could feel the wind blowing through the hair, then in reality you need to seriously take up duties assigned.

Women’s dream book

I heard the wind in the dream – wait for the predictions that will prove completely empty.

Wind in a dream may mean getting news from distant relatives.

Family dream book

To contemplate the wind in the dream – to develop important life events.

The North wind promises trials, hardships and losses. The wind on the South side predicts positive life changes.

Use during sleep the force of the wind (if zapuskaniya serpent, sailing) in reality means that you should not miss given a chance to achieve the desired. But when in the dream the wind knocks you off your feet, in reality, all efforts will be futile and you will just be wasting your time.

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