What dream wig

Prividevshayasya a hairpiece can make your desire dream in reality to change the way. Also the wig is a dream to the possible betrayal of someone you know (who he was in the dream), as well as the desire to conceal their knowledge or intention (to check for yourself a wig).

dream interpretation peruse

What dream wig

Women’s dream book

What could this dream a wig? Only to the fact that a person will face hard changes in life. Have to control myself and not show that the soul of a cat scratching.

Loss hair extensions warns that someone will laugh at a dreamer. You need to set aside experiment with looks and extravagant work ideas for the next month, so as not to give the haters a reason to gloat. Someone else wears a wig in your sleep, you have less to devote outsiders in their plans and not to impose on friends a lot of hope. The only way in reality will be able to avoid betrayal and disappointment.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

To acute desire to change something in their appearance having a wig. Also dream interpretation interpret that symbol as a prediction of the possible lies that we are carefully trying to disguise.

Erotic dream book

If a dreamer dreamed a wig soon piggy sexual experience will be enriched. New fan (fan) will open the possibility of the dreamer. Wig with blond hair – to a warm long lasting relationship, and the longer the hair, the longer they will last. The old wig – the summer partner. Bright, unusual sexual games.

The Dream Miller

If you see a wig on yourself – then it’s time to find their appearance of the pros and emphasize them. Can take crash diets, hair dye, or aerobics classes are not worth it. Health requires peace, and a new hairstyle may not give the result expected.

Other people in wigs – the insincerity of others.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Someone tries on a hairpiece from your friends can be waiting for the catch. Myself to see to reckless actions.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud

Waking the dreamer used to have sex, according to a certain plan is said to see the wig. This methodicalness and caution deprive him true satisfaction. The only items on which you can store your «loyalty» is love and the use of a condom. Place, time, sequence of actions can be changed.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

In reality, the expected possible trouble, if in the dream was a wig. But the dreamer he to the fact that soon awaits him popular.

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