What a dream that had a wife

Had a wife? Remembering the details – saw a stranger or his own wife, how she looked, and was set up in which circumstances it occurred? The more detail you will be able to remember, the more precise will be able to interpret the vision. What a dream wife?

What a dream wife

What a dream wife


Dreamed wife sign of cheating were beautiful in the dream – coming happiness, or quarrel; fancy – expect trouble; in rags – ahead for care; the patient – will be satisfied; gentle – expect profit; to beat his wife – to insult; the quarrel with his wife – which one of you gets sick; fight with it – you will make peace.

Dream Interpretation Of The Middle Ages

Saw deceased spouse – expect good; in position – a great boon.

Connected with my wife in the dream – we should expect illness; caused dishonor to the wife of a friend – a sign of future troubles.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Wife in a dream – to the disorder, difficulties in business; tender to her husband – to quarrel or profit; young, attractive, dressed – to success in Affairs; slob sloppy in worn clothing is a sign of failures and troubles; Nude – serious errors in cases ruin.

What a dream ex-wife – a return to the former case, a stranger – in reality not doing their job.

To beat his wife – the family sign of peace and love; intercourse with his wife – wait for the annoying interference and delays.

Cheating wife marks the failure of some cases.

English dream interpretation

Wife to see, a sign of illness of the spouse with the rapid recovery.

To be the wife of a stranger in a dream – you never know loneliness.

French dream book

Had offended wife – the dream promises victory over your enemies; fun and dancing – for the coming joy; a happy and wonderful – to deception and deceit, weeping, to the hardships; surrounded by a family of – wait for prosperity, a successful trip; he died – will be very upset with the manifestation of the ingratitude of someone from the people around you.

Kept his wife in the arms – in fact, your undertakings will be successful, or learn news of someone from far away or on their return in the near future.

The Dream Miller

Had a dream woman in a dream – a sign of conflict in the building and construction enterprises; very friendly – a harbinger of the income from the successful completion of risky transactions in the trade.

The woman dreamed that her husband beat her with a whip, before General chaos and bustle, as well as condemned household of her failed actions.

Esoteric dream book

Wife in dream is a sign of success and assistance; quarrel with him – the relationship will improve; kissed the wife – wait for scandal; slept with her to a nice reflection and love.

Wife in the dream is sick – in reality things will settle successfully; bore – help in criminal cases, died – to a healthier you in reality.

Erotic dream book

Married had a wife, the bachelor wedding – soon he will meet the woman he wants to conquer. Desire is feasible, but will need to work hard to be sensitive and patient. But from the result of the efforts of both partners will be delighted.

Modern dream books

Dream wife, what is it – a dream warns you: be attentive to your wife, do your best to review and apply her talents; pregnant – to an unheard-of fortune; patient – you will be deceived; the old – a harbinger of unfortunate events in life; mute – receive news of someone’s death.

To see the wife will be happy; talking to her – wait for unexpected expenses; to beat his wife – will be unlucky in business.

To see divorcing the wife – fortunately.

To dream of his ex-wife to changes in life and soon a pleasant meeting; see ex-wife of her husband – to routine business.

To see the wife in the dream – you are waiting for trouble for unfinished business or a quarrel with relatives; this role in my dream you are happy – in reality, all your undertakings will be successful, any risk is justified.

To be a wife in a dream and have a pockmarked face is a sign of benefits and receive a large sum of money.

Dream ex wife husband your unfounded fears, or a certificate of incompleteness of their relationship.

The man in your dream making love to another woman – to quarrels and disputes in reality.

To meet in his house another man’s wife, to the loud family quarrels; her friendliness towards your husband – to obtain from her husband a large sum of money of unknown origin; the question of your Association with her husband – the man will blame you as a negligent wife and mistress.

The young girl saw herself as the wife to a happy marriage and healthy offspring.

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