Whitewash walls in dreams, dream interpretation

The main interpretation concerning the three aspects. Whitewash in a dream house – the loss of a loved one, it possible death. The walls were a desire to fix it, start with a clean slate. To get dirty – a sign that the dreamer tries to restore a reputation that has suffered because of his rash actions.

Whitewash in a dream

What to whitewash the walls in my sleep

Dream healer Akulina

In this dream book to whitewash the walls, the ceiling means that the dreamer will soon expect to establish long-lost contacts, renewed relationships and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Such a dream promises the opportunity to try again.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To whiten something, to stir white – a sign that will be a fun event where the dreamer can not do. Perhaps it will be the wedding invitation.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

By dream, if a girl is white hut and got covered in whitewash, lime – stained reputation. To whitewash the house to attempt to cover up the traces of their negative actions. It is a symbol of remorse. Better to ask for forgiveness from the offended or to forgive yourself.

The acquisition of white promises of reality changes, and the change in job or housing – only time will tell. A streak of light in life can affect all areas at once.

Dirty spots whitening is an attempt to fix a bad situation, to make amends. But there is a high probability again be tempted to make imprudent. So the decision on the elimination of their own mistakes you need to take a sober and finally.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

Whitewash walls in a dream – to solemn and bright event. But the whitewash house promises a mourning event.

Combined dream book

If the woman in the dream of the white wall, then in reality, it is thanks to its initiative, establish relationships, strengthen the ligaments and reaches the desired. If in reality snovydiv worried about a love break, then it will be possible with a solid plan to return the partner, even if he is not free.

Another interpretation is to get a gift from someone or from life itself.

Dream Book Of Solomon

Blanching means to believe in someone’s lies (the unwillingness to see the bitter truth, to see the world through rose-colored glasses, to see in the white color).

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Whitewash walls – the embodiment of a subconscious desire to restore broken relationships, give up bad habits. For women, this dream indicates an urgent need to return the old relationship, even though the partner she lost due to its own explosive nature. Not selecting means, at least for a time, but this navideca will achieve the desired.

High probability by dishonest means to break the way to happiness, but the deception will be revealed.

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