What does it mean to dream of white hair

To determine what have white hair, you should first figure out their length, purity. Other colors also have their own interpretation. Saw in a dream a red hair – wait for fraud, dishonesty and deceit. Your enemies have prepared for you an unpleasant surprise. Be careful – you will avoid problems.

Also, do not be too trusting and honest. Gray hair dream to the disease, and dirty gossip. If you saw a white hair in a dream – rejoice that you will find wealth, prosperity, comfort and complete harmony.

Unusual, bright hair coloring says that very soon you make a statement with the unusual hand, what a surprise for friends and relatives.

what have white hair

What have white hair

People’s dreams

To dream of long black hair – long trip. May you have a pleasant journey. A dream in which you cut your hair can be a warning of something unpleasant. For example, future students can fail a graduation or entrance examination, should be better prepared. For young children the dream is a call to service.

To cut the hair of his girlfriend – do not listen to advice, nothing good from it should not wait. Gray hair – adding to the family. Also this dream may be a sign of your wisdom, willingness to change in your life, get rid of unnecessary. Plucking the gray hairs, ignore the advice of experienced and wise person.

Women’s dream book

In the dream, stroking someone’s hair – waiting for happiness on love front will be a good companion. Beautiful light color of hair, stacked haircut say about the great happiness that awaits in the near future. Flowers in the hair is a trouble that you can handle, if you are serious about its commitments. To see myself gray – according to some interpretations, good, nice news, longer trips to friends. Other dream books interpret gray hair as impending disease, bad news. White hair in a dream – a cleansing, a new beginning, a desire to forget the bad past and start with a clean white sheet.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A modern interpretation lets you know what you dream of white hair color and other shades. Saw my hair in an unusual color – you conceited, towering above his colleagues. Unnaturally bright hair – expect prosperity, red hair – forgery, fraud, white – joy, a good time, family happiness, comfort and prosperity.

Black hair – get the cash reward, the gray color of hair – there’s trouble, news that will bring sadness. Gray hair, well-deserved respect, fame, honor, long life. To see all of his body covered with hair, – for wealth, prosperity, happiness.

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