What dreams wheat

Small dream book of Veles

If you dream about the wheat sees a woman, it may be a harbinger of widowhood. To gather the grain to tears, pain, and possible libel of you, which will lead to trouble.

Gypsy dream book

Watch in a dream in a field of ripe wheat – rich. If the crop from arable land is already assembled – you miss the opportunity to become a wealthy man. For example, your lottery ticket will be different from winning one or two digits.

Wheat – a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Most dream books interpret dreams about her optimistic, but with some nuances. In a separate interpretations of wheat – an unfavorable sign.

What dreams wheat dream interpretation

What dreams wheat dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the druids

Saw in a dream a lot filled with Mature grain bags – you will have enough strength and abilities to reach a goal. Climb the steep slope, clinging to the stems of growing wheat on it, you are on the right track to prosperity, abundance and career.

See a field of wheat, which has matured, affording a hitherto unknown and very attractive prospects. If the wheat field still green and you go through it, it foretells you prosperity, peace in the family and a strong friendship.

The Dream Miller

If you dream of ripe and pure wheat grain – a harbinger of prosperity and material wealth. The wheat in bags – reach the heights of success that planned.

If you dream you see a barn with a leaky roof, which is wet grain, it portends trouble with the property. It will happen according to your oversight, but will serve as a catalyst for the intrigues of the enemies.

If you pound in the hands of the wheat grain and taking them to taste, you will find a lot of work, but you will successfully achieve results.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams wheat or any other grain: harvest it – to prosperity; to scatter, to sow, to walk therein – to material losses up to the poverty.

If the grain is in the dream the birds were eating, suffer financial ruin due to not dependent on you circumstances. It could be inflation, economic crisis or the actions of others.

Culinary dream book

If you dream of ripe wheat, it portends prosperity. But immature warns of bitter disappointment in his own life. The ripened and harvested grain in bags promises a successful outcome to all initiatives and implementation plans.

French dream book

This dream interpretation wheat, seen in a dream, interprets in two ways. It all depends on how it is before you had: burning – the troubles, a field of wheat to keep sold – successful, bought – coming failures and troubles.

Old Russian dream book

According to this source, to collect grains of wheat – a bad sign. This dream portends grief and tears.

Muslim dream interpretation

Wheat in a dream promises you purchase the property, the process of obtaining which is associated with many difficulties. Sesame portend the acquisition of ownership, which you do not even hoped to have.

Dream interpretation health

According to this dream book, to dream of the wheat – the signal that a difficult situation will be resolved safely. For women, especially married, the greater the chance of getting pregnant.

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