What a dream in which you see what

Since ancient times, the knife symbolizes power, aggression, intensity in relations. Than in a dream has various interpretations, and his presence in dreams is a serious sign.

than in the dream

What it means to see as in a dream

Women’s dream book

A knife in a dream – acquainted with the wrong people, betraying your negligent action will cause the deceit of your enemies. Rusty knife to discord in family relationships, parting with a companion. Sharp knife – for anxiety, polished the knives are going to worry, a broken knife – loss, decay, collapse of hopes. You are being attacked with a knife – a sharp change in my personal life.

Someone was stabbed in the back – expect betrayal from his detractors. To kill with a knife in a dream – to show the insignificance of their success, make a good man, humiliate him. You need to stop, think about what you are doing right and wrong. You should analyze their actions, get rid of temptations.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

To ride a horse knives – take care of household chores, otherwise there will be problems in relations with loved ones. Are in search of an ax or a knife – your case is complicated, I can’t find the beginning and end of their problems. It is necessary to get your Affairs in order, to streamline state. Feel a sharp pain, like a knife in the heart of the dispute with the rival, – the excitement can affect your health will decline in immunity.

Also Aesopian what the dream means conflict, revenge to those you offended, an insult. Saw in a dream, got the news that cuts without a knife» means that in your nature to exaggerate the circumstances, ought to cool a little and understand that events are not worth special attention. In addition, it is necessary to limit the circle of communication, to get rid of people that do not like you, with whom it is difficult to find a common language.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream about you getting stabbed in the body, – to the bad news, who hurt you, over you commit violence. A lot of knives in one lot of scandals and conflicts in the family. Get than the hands of others – be careful, you are surrounded by enemies. Self-sharpen knives – you need to be careful in their steps, your sharpness may cause offense to others.

To receive a gift of a knife – a truce with the enemies of the normalization of relations with friends and family. The sword in the dream knives is on a slippery path, your actions towards others is improper. To dream of a handle of a knife run the risk of becoming a victim of robbery or harm to their well-being thoughtless actions, wild life.

Spring dream interpretation

To dream of a knife – an unexpected but pleasant guests. Injury from a knife to a burning and passionate love, to sharpen knives, try to find a relationship with a loved one. Put in the dream a knife to her throat – it’s time to fulfill obligations, to respond to claims.

Summer dream

The dream that got stabbed – wait betrayal by a close friend, put a knife to unexpected situations. Rusty penknife dream to problems in life, a difficult life path filled with misery. Sharpen knives – aim someone to annoy, to conspire against someone. Were threatened and you attack someone with a knife – easy, all the real life threats are empty, nothing of your life and loved ones are not threatened.

Erotic dream book

In erotic dream interpretation knife in a dream means separation from loved ones, a luxurious vacation at a high cost. You might be in a posh club or restaurant and have a nice time surrounded by his friends.

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