What dreams werewolf

In many dream books, a werewolf signals of adverse events. This is due to its dual nature: being at the same time plays the role of a predator and its prey. It can’t control your animal nature and to deal with reincarnation. Hunting also brings him pleasure and is not accompanied by feelings of guilt, as all night the events of the morning fade from memory.

what dreams werewolf

What dreams werewolf

To see a werewolf

In your environment appeared two-faced man, who hides his true evil intentions and may cause harm. He will try to take your location so you can later use for their purposes. You are waiting for deception and betrayal of some of the others.

At the same time, the people you didn’t trust and whose intentions were no doubt, will surprise and will help in a difficult situation.

What dreams werewolf girlfriend before the wedding? Destiny wants to keep you from making a big mistake. Again think carefully about their decision to get married, perhaps your doubts are not unfounded.

To be in the shoes of a werewolf

You are not sure and feel anxious. A close friend will help to calm down and understand the soul, and wise counsel will determine the decision. Don’t do anything rash, because you’ll regret your treachery.

It can also mean own nasty, aggressive character, which can hinder the implementation of your plans in the near future.

Trying to kill a werewolf in a dream

You feel that people from your environment goes unkindly towards you. However you are not able to gather my thoughts, decide to Express their opinions and discontent. All this makes you suffer, and your subconscious mind sends disturbing dreams. To find inner peace, you will have to Express her feelings for this man and to break off all relations with him.

To be attacked by a werewolf

In the near future you will suffer from the actions of a dishonorable man from your environment. Be careful and look to others, you may be able to expose the werewolf and his machinations. Do not fall for his mask of friendliness, the true face of what lurks underneath, you will not like. Such caution will help to avoid bad consequences, and will not allow the attacker to hurt you and, therefore, is the ability to avoid any trouble.

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