Dream interpretation will tell you that means a wedding in a dream — what is it?

Some couples today are ready for the wedding to forever tie the divine knot. But what a dream wedding, talking about this various dream books.

what a dream wedding

Dream interpretation what dream wedding

A modern dream book

By dream wedding foretells the execution of heavy responsibilities and a collision with a back-breaking worries. Wedding may dream and to the fact that in the near future of people who are very unexpected, but happy change. When the dream about the wedding had a young girl, so in reality the dream of a husband necessarily true. However, when the wedding took place in secret from relatives, on the contrary, will have to part with a loved one. If the young man saw himself at the wedding as a groom, then in reality he will encounter errors and dangerous situations. When you are invited in a dream to the wedding, therefore, will participate in reality in a noisy and cheerful feast.

Women’s dream book

In the dream the wedding in the Church is a symbol of validation of the feelings that the girl feels towards his beloved. To dream of your own wedding, means in reality to form your spouse strong family Union. When in the dream you had a chance to attend the wedding of a young couple, actually again feel the anxious feeling to his mate. I had a dream to be a priest performing the wedding ceremony, – in reality you will feel the threat that hung over loved ones, and try to prevent bad. However, this dream says that everything in the power of God and we should not try to intervene in the situation. Wedding may be a dream to big and very difficult duties, serious trouble.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

When in the dream you had to see your own wedding ceremony – so, over you will soon hang a great danger, so be careful. If married people, then danger threatens them.

Online dream book

Dream wedding ceremony – so, in reality, waiting for a joyful heart-stopping events. Saw in a dream how married themselves? Reality will find a soul mate. If they married someone of the people you know, soon you’ll be promoted up the career ladder. You were late for the Church wedding ceremony – your family is very friendly and cohesive, and it will become even clearer. When a man had a dream that he is her future husband at the wedding, in reality it is waiting for a serious risk and a lot of confusion in life. In the dream you were invited to a wedding ceremony – in reality wait for the imminent invitation to a happy holiday.

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