What does it mean to dream of a wedding

Wedding dreams and reality – is a very important event and very emotional. As in reality, the wedding, seen in a dream, suggests that in life change is inevitable, but sleep can promise is not always a pleasant change. Perhaps the emergence of new useful contacts. When the triumph of a dream the bride on the eve of the event – and without recourse to the dream interpretation it is clear what could this dream wedding I have strong excitement during the preparation for such an important event in life. If this is not your case, you need to analyze the dream in detail.

What a dream wedding

What a dream wedding

Who had a dream wedding

Man’s dream of marriage with her beloved dream for the future well-being and harmony in your personal life.

Wedding dream girl to disturbing events, often health-related, or a quick proposal of marriage.

The dream about the wedding married woman – the harbinger of the expansion of the family, and the baby may receive about you, and entourage.

Who had a dream wedding

Become a man a real lover – to the disappointment that will have him.

Wedding with her own husband – the Herald impending serious quarrel or a symbol of the beginning of a new phase of family life.

Learn in a dream about the wedding of the loved one with another girl means that your relationship has exhausted itself, coming their breakup.

Dreams about marriage with her ex-husband – be careful not to repeat their mistakes in the relationship.

To go in a dream to marry a stranger – the coming crisis in a current relationship or their breakup because of a lack of understanding.

To see a wedding in my sleep with the dead – a hint of deteriorating health or even life is threatened in reality. Try to listen to your body, to reduce stress.

Whose wedding had

If in the dream your parents got married again is a good sign. Most often, this dream means that in the relations of father and mother come the good times, love is reborn.

To dream of a close friend’s wedding – wait for execution of the cherished desire or good news.

Had a wedding of a former lover – not far off an offer of marriage from a person that was not expected.

If a girl dreams that her ex-boyfriend marries her friend – it means that the characters in the dream or close friends are hiding something from you.

To dream someone else’s wedding where you guest to the fact that soon someone from the family will need your help and it is better not to refuse.

Had a marriage of friends – to easy problem solving without the high cost of funds and emotions.

To be a witness to the wedding of strangers – a sign that a possible imminent meeting with an old friend or execute a long cherished dream.

Love dream interpretation what dreams own wedding

If you saw in a dream as you get married, Yes, and secretly, it may mean that around your personality goes a lot of gossip. When you dream you decide to get married – wait support your intentions by not only relatives but also the wider community. If in the dream your choice mate, don’t like the parents, perhaps loved ones will be denied their support.

Vanga dream interpretation: what dreams own wedding

In the interpretation of the prophecy, if you dream of your wedding, it is likely that soon you will face a difficult choice, the decision will affect the further development of your life.

How was the wedding

Rich wedding in the dream promises success in career matters, improving financial security and professional recognition.

To dream of a wedding, absconded with the bride – to having to deal with the issue that you are afflicted in reality. Even if the exit is not visible, try to act outside the box – the answer may lie on the surface.

If I saw a bad marriage, be careful: you can offer a dangerous or illegal option earnings.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

In the dream book Lofa psychologist said that such a dream can be caused by recently occurred or are planned the wedding in reality. However, if recently you have not participated in the wedding and not going to do that, there are other possible interpretations of the dream. Serious commitments that are morally put pressure on you – that’s why a dream about the wedding. If a wedding celebration in a dream is fun, it shows your subconscious confidence in the right choice regarding such obligations. If dream wedding takes place in the darkest colors, it is necessary to rethink responsibilities and review responsibility.

Dream Interpretation Freud

According to the interpretation of the psychoanalyst, wedding in a dream – a symbol of the fact that in intimacy you have harmony, when both partners are equally giving each other love and receive it. Wedding, had another virtuous man, says the fear of the first sexual experience.

Other dream books

What their own dream wedding? In Jewish dream interpretation Azar dreaming about the wedding is interpreted as precognition.

Dream interpretation Wanderer says that to dream of someone else’s wedding is to see the status of their cases. Interpreted this dream depending on the details of the dream: rich-or-treat on the table as the couple look, fun is a holiday.

Esoteric dream book interprets the dream, where do you see the wedding as a harbinger of unpleasant events in the state.

In the old Russian dream book says that the wedding in a dream means loss of a trusted friend or obstacle to something important.

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