What dream weapon

To the question about what having a weapon, it is difficult to give a definite answer. This dream can signify your anxiety for something, waiting for trouble, as internal aggression and resentment on others. Sometimes those night dreams foretell the solution of problems, luck and success in your personal life.

Dream weapons in the dream, dream interpretation

Dream weapons in the dream, dream interpretation

English dream interpretation

Hear in a dream a gun shot to the news of the death of a distant relative. According to another interpretation, you can smear detractors. Their lies will not cause you much harm and quickly forgotten.

If the shot had a lover man, he has a strong opponent who is determined to fight for the hand and heart of beautiful ladies. For the merchant this dream is a harbinger of monetary loss.

A modern dream book

To dream of a weapon and marvel at its beauty – a pleasant conversation with interesting people. For a woman this dream foretells the transition of emerging relations in a new, closer phase.

To buy a gun or a knife in the store – in real life you should be careful and not to trust anyone their secrets.

To walk through the Armory to get in trouble from which you are unlikely to get out with honor.

To shoot a man – circumstances will force you to be cruel, you will have the chance to punish his enemy.

Dream Interpretation Longo

To dream of a weapon – a symbol of anger you’ve harbored deep inside. If in the night the dreams you choose it yourself, you have to try to forget old grudge. Someone from friends, unwittingly, caused you pain in passing conversation. Try to let go of this negativity.

If the dream as you clean your weapon, you are in constant fighting mood. You are ready at any time to face danger and stand up to her. Relax a little: it’s time to think about peace and inner harmony.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The mating of weapons of this dream depends on the subject and storyline of the dream.

If you dream you shoot out of a cannon, you will have the chance to defeat a powerful enemy. If gun shots are heard somewhere far away, get ready for financial losses.

A gun in a dream – a symbol of the upcoming fights, disagreements or open conflict. If you cook the gun, but not firing it, you are fully focused on the pursuit of the cherished goal. If you pull the trigger, your efforts will lead to the desired result.

Rifle – a sign that you will be able to gain credibility and leadership in the team.

A gun is a bad sign. You pay too much attention to baser concerns, which have forgotten about the spiritual side of life.

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