What prevents wax candles in a dream?

Wax candles are most often associated with something mystical. What they might mean when they appear in a dream? What prevents wax?

dream wax

Wax in a dream: interpretation

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Wax usually means magical rituals.

The melted wax is predicting big losses.

Buy wax — you’ll be in big trouble. It’ll take a lot of effort to deal with them, but the reward will be more than sufficient.

Wax in a dream may warn that you have become too callous and indifferent. It’s time to get closer to others, especially family.

Melted wax — in the most difficult moment a new friend to lend you a hand.

Wax candles predicting the date.

Small dream book of Veles

Wax candles — a dream tells about the approach of happiness.

A sick person can die if not urgently take action.

Yellow wax there lies the big lie.

White wax — portends good health, freedom from disease.

Molten — the probability of large losses due to their own mistakes.

Erotic dream book

The melted wax tells about a long separation from someone close to them.

Frozen wax is a harbinger of a serious relationship that may end in marriage. If you are depressed because of the black stripes in life — don’t worry, soon there will be hope for a better future.

Old Russian dream book

If the wax is in a dream sees a healthy person, it lurks a serious illness. If the patient is death.

The Interpreter Medea

The wax is always talking about the future.

Melt the wax — someone wants to cheat you, to deceive, to deprive of money.

Figurines made of wax — you will soon meet the person better to avoid. Perhaps a small figurine of its features — take a closer look to new acquaintances.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Most often, the wax is the evidence of your softness, you are easily influenced and go on about. Blame your inner loneliness, which you are very afraid. You need to change tactics, otherwise the relationship will not develop.

Ukrainian interpreter

Dark wax — soon revealed the deception, try to not be late.

Bright wax — you have a good health.

Molten — from your life will leave someone very important.

Wax candles you will have to face big trouble. Perhaps the debt will be forced to attend the ceremony, which will be unpleasant to you.

Wax figures — the need to communicate with boring people.

To purchase or bring home the wax — your difficulties will soon be resolved.

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