There is a watermelon in my sleep

What dreams watermelon? Some commentators believe that the cause of night «dram» of this fruit purely physiological. Like, little enters the body fluids and vitamins. But the compilers of other dream books believe otherwise:

What dreams watermelon

What dreams watermelon

Dream Meridian

To eat watermelon in the dream for young women heralds a pregnancy, for all other – deception and sadness. To dream of sour fruits before the divorce, deprivation of family ties.

Spring dream interpretation

If you have dreamed people lacomedia juicy watermelon, it will hurt you. But if you are going to cut and eat the ripe fruit, waking up, quarrel with a loved one.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

There is a watermelon in a dream to the sick person promises a quick recovery, but a healthy promises the collapse of his plans, and sadness.

Old Russian dream book

Buying a watermelon at the Bazaar – an interesting new friend.

Summer dream

The choice of fruit in the market dream to disputes with colleagues.

Autumn dream interpretation

If the watermelon saw a young woman, this dream could Herald a pregnancy, elderly – quick disease.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Watermelon in sleep for men can symbolize different problems and troubles usually are easily solved. Girls these fruits in a dream portend an early marriage. Purchase watermelons at the market or in the shop can warn the man that he did not commit thoughtless, rash actions harming themselves and others. Have watermelons to increase family and well-being. This dream book interprets what the dream lots of watermelon, only positively. A rich plantation – a sign of prosperity and abundance.

The Dream Miller

Seen watermelon immense size portends an increase in creative energy and inspiration. And to grow his own dream to a successful conclusion the important things. What a dream to eat watermelon? The interpreter is sure that if unripe or sour fruit, it men dream warns against problems in personal relationships, and a woman from trying to do things the risky way.

A modern dream book

For men this fruit in a dream promises a completion or failure, for young women – pregnancy, while others promises the unplanned trip.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Ripe fruit always dream for fun parties, such as stag or hen parties.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dreamed that you trade the gifts of melons, it warns you about waste and unnecessary costs. Dreaming that you are carrying fruits in their hands or bags with heavy watermelons, tells about possible unpleasant and burdensome obligations.

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