Dream water dream interpretation

Water is associated with life, purity and infinity. Someone scares a boundless ocean, and who is willing to fearlessly dive into its mysterious depths. But how can you interpret water in dreams?

Dream interpretation water

What dreams water

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

To get in the dream in the rain or pour cold water – a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Quench your thirst in a dream – a sign of the fulfillment of their wishes.

According to the dream of the legendary fabulist, the water in the vessel promises to communicate with a secretive and mysterious man. How would you not try him out, your attempts will be in vain.

If you dream you are traveling on the water on the ship, the reality of be careful with hasty decisions. One wrong step can change your destiny for the worse.

Water the flowers in a dream – a sign of respect and love of colleagues, family and friends. They will appreciate your concern.

We need peace and clean water? Wash your hands or face indicates a good coincidence. You will be able to successfully bypass all the trouble side.

Washes away the flow of water in a dream – get ready for the shocking news. It is likely to be favorable.

If you dream you are drowning – it was a good dream. In reality you will be able to show all his tenacity and strength of will in the struggle with adverse life circumstances.

If the dead man in the dream pouring water and he comes to life, it promises the recovery of a serious illness or long journey.

The Interpretation Of E. Tsvetkova

According to the esoteric dream book, pure water is a sign of happiness and luck in life, especially if you dream you are drinking this water.

Dive into the lake or river, likely to struggle with the difficulties.

We need peace and clean water? Drink cold water signifies happiness.

To Wade across the river – a good dream, it means deliverance from danger.

Being scalded in a dream – the prediction of your illness for their own negligence.

If you dream you see the waterfall, then in reality be prepared to meet a very unpleasant person.

The head drops of the liquid, a symbol of sudden passion.

Ukrainian dream book

Large reservoirs in the dream predicting the imminent journey.

If in the dream is boiling some kind of liquid, the reality of the get ready for the big scandals.

Weakness and health problems – that’s what you dream of dirty water.

Fall river – warning of jail and other trouble with the law.

If you deflate in the dream water from the well, be careful: in reality you expect trouble.

The dark expanse of water signifies the possible death or loss of a loved one.

Drinking from the source – a symbol of good health.

Salt water-a dream to tears and losses.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

To stand on the surface of the water – a warning of trouble.

To see the vast ocean in a dream means imminent marriage.

Greedy to drink pure water in a dream promises wealth and well-being.

If the house break the flow of water or mud, it is necessary to warn the son about the danger threatening it.

You should temper the pride and pathos, if you have dreams of river sand.

A modern dream book

If you dream you see a shining expanse of water, the reality of your new friend is not as good as it seems.

To see the storm in my sleep promises to solve important problems.

The flood – the sign of a bad influence on you, perhaps you will find yourself in an unpleasant adventure with a strange fault.

This dream says that dirty water symbolizes the troubles in the family and at work.

If you dream you pour water from a bucket, then waking beware of lucrative offers for work.

To admire in the dream the waterfall – a sign that in reality you live with illusions.

Interpretation Miller

Clear water in a dream foretells joy and a good time.

If you are on the ground and feel your shoes getting wet and filled with liquid, will soon experience the loss. You will have to try a lot to bring back prosperity.

To save a drowning person is a symbol of your selfless help.

To fall in a mud puddle – the symbol of your regret about the numerous errors.

Sports in the water and promise a sudden passion and lots of love.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

Whirlpools and rapid flow of water symbolize despair. You find it difficult to take control of the ever-changing circumstances.

Deep and quiet pool indicates your deep-seated anxiety. The water hides many mysterious and remains a danger, the same you feel about your future.

Old Russian dream book

If in the dream the water feels warm, then wait soon not a serious disease.

To draw water from the river – to a successful purchase.

To fly over the rapid stream in a dream promises a way out of a difficult situation.

If you carry water in a broken Cup in the dream, the reality may be robbed.

Muddy pond with standing water – a sign of wealth.

Water symbolizes renewal, deliverance from sin and born. The purer your sleep, this life-giving liquid, the better the interpretation.

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