Watch in my sleep – what?

What may experience watch? It all depends on how they look, where they are, what sounds they make. Dream books will tell you what signals your subconscious.

What dream watch

What dream watch

Oriental dream book

If you dream you hear the clock, get ready for the fact that the road to established life will be long. When the clock itself is not visible – distant goal, but takes up all your thoughts.

What dream watches? You need to hurry to a dream come true.

If the clock is stopped, someone close will die.

Children’s dream book

Watch talking about the waste of vitality. If the hands move slowly, everything goes as it should. When they accelerate, the forces spent on something for nothing. Urgent need to change priorities.

The ticking of the clock in sleep is approaching an extreme situation that requires maximum concentration. Also, this sound can alert about the disease, which is already but not yet proved.

Italian dream

Watch in dreams often talk about the presence of some vital part, heavy duty. People like located in a cage which prevents him to move freely.

They can also testify about the circumstances that prevent the execution of the work, debt.

The presence of clocks in dreams often indicates total control. Who forces you to build your life in strict accordance with the norms in society.

Family dream book

What dream watch financiers and market players? To large success.

Broken, lost, or donated hours – a sign of imminent trouble, and turned away good luck. If cracked glass behave in society, especially if you are around a lot of strangers about whom nothing is known.

Stolen you watch you strive to beat the competition, using the purest methods. If the watch was stolen from you, who wants to cast a shadow on your reputation.

The clock for the bad news.

A modern dream book

If you regularly dream watch, you can count on the success of all their businesses.

If a woman loses watch, waiting for her grief over domestic troubles.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The old clock say that the time has come to perform way of life passed. Perhaps the results come across you on the understanding of the need for urgent changes.

Wall clock – you lose all the important things in life. Rather, work takes a large part of it, but for a family time.

If in a dream watch, you often look at them, you have many enemies. Lately they have intensified and are preparing an attack.

Try to tell time on the clock without hands and dial – is there a veiled threat. It is also possible to a great tragedy, to experience that without the help of professionals will be very difficult.

Dream interpretation A to z»

The ringing alarm clock in a dream means imminent change for the better.

The chimes – on the contrary, bad events, you may suspect something is wrong. It will ruin your reputation, even if you can refute the charges.

Wrist watch portend a successful career development.

Wall around you a lot of fans to slander and gossip.

What dream gold watch? You will prevail over strong and agile opponent.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The clock says that the time will soon come new classes. Possible change of job, place of residence, even views on life.

To find a watch in the dream, to time and events. Something you are waiting for a very long time, and it all comes.

Hourglass – you are afraid that life passes too quickly.

Cuckoo clock portend a long life. If they are broken, you need to change something that it is like this and not ended prematurely.

Stopped the watch – care of a loved one.

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