What does it mean to wash the floors in the dream

Washing floors enables you to clean the room from dust and negativity. And what you dream of when you wash the floor in the house or wash? Here is what is said that different dreams.

To wash the floors in the dream

What does it mean to wash the floors in your sleep?

Home dream interpretation

To wash the floors in the dream – so in reality to save yourself from insecurity in their own abilities. But this dream may say more about the concern associated with health.

Small dream book of Veles

To bathe in the dream – so in reality be proud of the countless number of sexual relations.

Had a dream you were washing your hair with shampoo will be drawn into a senseless Scam.

When in the dream you are someone, wash your head, in real life you take a trip that will bring many joyful moments.

Women’s dream book

Wash this dream means blooming rumors.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

When you dream you saw that clean, so in real life are proud of the numerous love Affairs.

This dream interpretation interpret mopping more as a quick-out or blooming rumors about you.

The Dream Miller

When you dream you dreamed of washing, washing means in reality you will be able to get rid of negative emotions. You might want to change personal attitude to any phenomenon.

Washing another person means the need to care about other people.

Water in a dream symbolizes emotions, so this dream suggests the need to achieve harmony of its essence and emotions.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If you dream you washed the dishes, wait for unpleasant events in life.

When you contemplate, as the wash technique, there is a probability that you will encounter dishonest man.

Fresh washed face portends spend time in pleasant company with interesting people.

Washing the hands of dream to get rid of your worries, which cause a lot of headaches. The washing of the feet promises a good intercession.

If you dreamt about a dirty person in real life, expect a scandal that will «ruin» your reputation.

When you saw that bathing in the river, there may be some troubles related to finances.

Washing in warm water promises the hypocrisy that always turn against you.

When washing with cold water, you expect a serious illness.

In the dream you wash an animal, wait for an invitation to guests to a great feast.

To adultery it may be a dream shampoo in the dream.

If you wash the baby in the bath, in reality you should be wary of random people that can go on cheating.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Saw that washed the floor, it means that there are scandals or death.

Washing dishes is predicting reconciliation in family relationships.

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