What a dream that was bitten by a snake?

Snake bite in the dream, many dreams are interpreted negatively. It is not necessary to become despondent and waiting for trouble, that is coming from all sides. The great value has the General colour of the dream was fear, when you are bitten by a snake in dream-what were the actions before or after the bite. Sleep can be a warning of possible problems, not to be a Herald of failure.

Bitten by snake in dreams

What does a dream that was bitten by a snake

Women’s dream book

Snake bites in my sleep until the betrayal by loved ones or envious.

If a woman dream that she was bitten by a snake, it means loving relationship with someone unstable. The cooling in relations may not lead to a rupture, but should look to circle the young man.

If a man dreams that was bitten by a snake, it portends a quarrel with a friend. Do not trust in the near future, even very close friends. Among them may be the person who uses a friendly relationship for selfish purposes.

A modern dream book

Snake bite in a dream foretells trouble in the Affairs of competitors, possible losses, troubles in money matters. Increases the risk of non-standard situations at work, provoked by hypocritical people.

Universal dream

By dream. was bitten by a snake in a dream is a warning that it’s not a good time to start new projects, travel. Should keep health, give up bad habits.

The Dream Miller

Was bitten by a snake in a dream to unexpected problems associated with deception and fraud.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Bitten by snake in dreams – among relatives is the man who will try to reduce all your efforts to achieve goal to zero. The traitor will be difficult to calculate, it will manifest itself unexpectedly.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Snake bitten while bathing in the pond – a secret relationship with a man, unmarried. For men the probability of sexually transmitted diseases or conflict with your partner because of infidelity. For a woman this dream is a warning about the opponent.

Snake bite in dream indicates danger, you should avoid rash actions.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

Snake bite in a dream means that there is a person who is trying to deceive. Avoid betrayal is possible, evaluating the actions of other people. You must protect yourself from attacks of enemies, to keep control of not only current Affairs, but also emotions.

In the dream, was bitten by a snake child – possible problems of health of children in the family.

If in the dream a snake bites you, not someone suffers from your lack of foresight or not.

Snake bites the hand is malevolent dreams about your ruin. Harmful habits can play bad service – that dependence on them will be the means of the competitors to crush your ability.

The snake bites the leg of one who is trying to make your life a living hell, a very influential personality. His deceit can cause serious damage to business and personal life.

Snake bites face – you want to disgrace, to put in a bad light before others. Is to pay attention to what you do and how to act in those or other circumstances, not allowing the competitors to expose you.

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