What does a dream in which you see the dishes?

Dreams with the presence of cookware dream books of different authors are interpreted ambiguously. However, all commentators agree on the opinion that the dishes warns about changes at the household level. What events to expect pleasant or not, depends on the condition of utensils.

What dreams dishes

What dreams dishes

The Dream Miller

Clean dishes – a symbol of future prosperity. You will be able to fully enjoy the favor of fortune. Keep dreaming of a plate in his hands – so in reality to «catch the tail of luck». To drop a plate or break it – to produce a fortune out of hand (a period of prosperity will be short-lived).

To enjoy clean dishes placed on the shelves, means to have prosperity at home and the lack of domestic problems. Young unmarried women dream in which she admires the beautiful pottery shop, soon promises a happy marriage with a decent man.

The lack of order in a China shop portends a breakdown and chaos in business. The same value have an empty cupboard shelves.

What dreams dirty dishes? It promises a bleak existence.

French dream book

The dishes – a good sign. Porcelain, clay foretells a long happy life in peace and harmony. Silver and gold warns about meeting a good man, able to positively affect your destiny.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

New dishes promises unpleasant events, old – stability in business. The empty bowl indicates dissatisfaction desires and need for money or attention.

Accidentally broken crockery warns of the danger that can be avoided if caution in making responsible decisions. Breaking dishes on purpose – by a happy coincidence. The wreckage of the utensils to see the situation has changed for the better.

Washing dishes in a dream – so in reality to have a harmonious relationship with your loved one. To buy the dishes – for change in personal life. Alien ware represents friends deceive you.

Porcelain promises success in business. Broken China warns of errors that can cause a lot of trouble. To deal with painted porcelain or decorate them with housing promises women the comfort and good relations in the family.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Beautiful dishes promises prosperity in the family and harmonious relationship with her husband. White dishware, dream a married woman, suggests that her husband expected a promotion and salary increase. Dirty or broken crockery in a dream predicts conflicts and family troubles.

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