What does it mean to dream wardrobe

Dream wardrobe: what does it mean?

wardrobe in a dream

What does it mean to dream wardrobe

Star dream interpretation

The interpreter of dreams said that the Cabinet – some unsolved mystery or the mystery with which the sleeper will understand.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

For a man who saw in a dream wardrobe, the intended good fate. In real life, he will unexpectedly receive an inheritance.

The Jewish dream book

When you on Monday night had a dream you are looking for something in the closet, in reality, you have to find the confirmation hearings, about which you recently learned. To see this dream to a sleeping person from Tuesday to Friday to annoyance. If finding things in the cupboard were you doing on Saturday or Sunday, then that dream is possible to explain to how your memories of a good past, dreams. When people in their dreams hides an object in the closet that no one ever found, this warning about the loss of interest, disappointment. To get into the wardrobe to become a participant at adventures in reality, to intervene in the Affairs of others.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Wardrobe in a dream, which is stuffed with clothes, represents for the dreamer, a successful purchase, a valuable asset that has value and benefit to its owner. Empty the wardrobe tells the person that in reality will have to accept the loss. If you become the Central character in his own dream, and saw an empty cupboard, it is necessary to imagine the moment when you fill it with new purchases, a variety of rich fabrics and fur.

Magical dream interpretation

If you had a wardrobe, you will soon have to face the profit and the acquisition of new clothes. When the door of the furniture in the dream seems to be ajar, the dreamer should be cautious. Perhaps he will experience relocation into smaller space, a small room. If you dream you like someone deliberately hiding in the closet things and do it quite casually, that it should be wary, there is a need to limit their expenses.

Dream interpretation days of the week

In dreams stuffed with things wardrobe symbolizes prosperity. It is worth to note that not every day can have prophetic dreams. No need to be afraid of dreams on Sunday night, they have little or no value. Special attention need to pay attention to a dream that comes in the night of Thursday or Friday. Most often it comes true, if it is to explain the value. In the night of Sunday it is better not to think about the bad that the body has regained strength during sleep, which only recalls the last moments of life. Wardrobe, outdoor dream, speaks of the necessity of establishing order in life.

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