What dream war in the dream

What is meant by a military action that brought to you in a dream? That’s how interpreted what he saw in the dream the war the various dream books.

Dream war

What seems to war in the dream

A modern dream book

In the dream the war is interpreted as the upcoming trouble, quarrel or difficulties in business.

Expectations of a Declaration of war in a dream predicts an important meeting or a serious conversation. If in the dream you found out that the announced military readiness, expect a serious conversation with the boss.

Military action on a global scale promise considerable difficulties in financial terms or emotional turmoil.

Nuclear war is a sign of evil or improper act.

When in the dream the war began, and you became its participant, in the near future you will be faced with cash problems.

Military maneuvers in the dream predict future changes regarding personal life, place of residence and place of work.

If you happened to witness the battle, apply a lot of effort to become successful in social activities.

Sole participation in hostilities promises to care for their own health.

Women’s dream book

To bad for your business, family strife, confusion in his personal life – that’s what dream war in the dream.

When in sleep victory – in reality will have a revival in all things, and always will be harmony in family.

If a young girl saw her beloved left to war, – in reality she’ll have to deal with such features of his character that will not be very pleasant.

Small dream book of Veles

Military action could dream of in the good news and healing, but can also be a sign of these wars, distress and other unpleasant situations.

When had as who died in the war, in reality encounter various dangers and sorrow.

The Dream Miller

The girl that came in a dream a loved one who went to war, in reality, faced with the bad character traits of the elect.

What dream war in the dream – your business will not be very good, and in the family, perhaps there will be strife.

In the dream your family has been affected in the war – this could be a sign of future suffering for the people who will follow political changes.

The victory promises liveliness in business relations and the advent of harmony in family relationships.

Erotic dream book

Part in the military clashes and the contemplation of the ravages of war predicts the opening of some of the negative qualities of the second half.

To win in a dream fight means to love your mate with all the advantages and disadvantages that will lead to harmony.

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