What dreams that dance the waltz dream

Dream dance the waltz is a rather ambiguous sign, depending on the specifics of the dream, it may portend as good, and serious trouble. In order to understand what represents this symbol, you can find interpretations of the most popular dream books.

dream waltz

To dream that you are waltzing

Dream Interpretation Filomena

waltz in a dream – to trouble, and failures in business. Women this dream foretells a love affair and men a waste of funds. If during the dance you have fallen, in real life you have to travel on official business which does not Bode well. If a young girl in a dream waltzes with her lover, she will have many admirers, but none of them will make her an offer.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Dream waltz – a pleasant journey that will bring great success in business. To be invited to dance to getting a new job thanks to the influence of some powerful person.

Women’s dream book

To dream of dancing people – to meet a handsome stranger, have an adventurous mind. If waltzing, moving clumsily and ugly, this means that in reality you want to experience thrills and fun, but in order to avoid problems, we should behave more prudently.

Numerological dream book

According to the interpretation of the dream, to waltz to the beat, with an attractive man or a beautiful woman, means that in real life you will achieve great success in the political arena. A dream in which you see others going places and speaks in the rhythm of their movements, in reality portends commit bad deeds, for which you will later be ashamed.

A modern dream book

If a woman dreamt her partner dancing with another woman, it means that she can easily overcome all the difficulties encountered on the way to her happy future. See people madly whirling in the dance, to the increased attention from men in real life.

Dream bitches

According to the interpretation of dreams waltz, seen in a dream means that you meet a cheerful, cheerful but careless person. Waltz together with her chosen one – the adoration of fans. If you dream you see how others dance, you need to behave more cautiously and sparingly, so as not to offend their relatives and friends.

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