Vomiting in a dream: what dream?

All that people see in a dream has its interpretation. If you suddenly had a vision of vomiting, should not immediately be scared and panic, on the contrary, you should seriously think about their health. When you dream of a relief from the nausea, it means that life begins to build and all the troubles and turmoil recede.

vomiting in a dream

What snitsa vomiting in your sleep?

A modern dream book

Bloody vomiting in a dream warns of impending disease in reality. You may even expect disability. This may indicate the excessive officiousness of others. If in the dream with the urge to vomit have with other people, be prepared to find out that those who requested assistance will act unfairly towards you.

Dream Interpretation D. Lynn

Vomiting – a sign which indicates that it is time to get rid of all unnecessary and superficial in the life. Put aside your prejudices and open to new ideas. Lose yourself in time, emotions and share thoughts with loved ones that have long oppressed you. Then the nausea let go.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

Many people state when the vomit comes out, it seems very humiliating. For a long time then they feel awkward in front of others. If in ordinary life it says about the disease, and in a dream can mean that your life is gradually getting out of control.

Autumn dream interpretation

This dream vomiting in a dream foretells that man then quickly enriched. Feel retching – maybe you have problems with the stomach or intestines.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Severe attack of nausea, followed by vomiting, dream of the ocean after a strong nervous tension. You can no longer worry about the fact that bothered before. All problems here will be solved. If you dreamed that you were vomiting with bile, it indicates a large amount of negativity in your life, get rid of which will not be easy.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Severe vomiting in a dream indicates a rejection, the rejection of anything. Sometimes it is associated with serious diseases of the brain (usually changes in cortex are due to traumatic brain injury). Gag reflex, which is experiencing a woman in a dream, warns about the illness of loved ones.

Esoteric dream book

Nausea or vomiting can dream of for profit or higher wages. If someone is sick, it is said that with the help of a certain person you will get lucrative cash job offer. To clean up vomit, to see the profit generated through your investment.

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