What dreams volcano

What dream of a volcano? We all know that in real life volcano for a person – a symbol of constant anxiety and hidden danger from the uncontrolled forces of nature. Quite naturally, dream interpretation volcanoes treats in the same way: they do not portend any satisfaction or peace.

dream dictionary volcano

As the dream books interpret the volcano?

Idiomatic dream book

Based on the meaning of the expression «to sit on a volcano», he was confident that the sleeping volcano is a critical signal for sleeping. It means that the person is very close to the threshold of dangerous situation and he should be extremely careful and attentive not to incur those or other natural forces.»

Spring dream interpretation considers the volcano a harbinger of a serious illness.

Children’s dream book

The volcano in the dream reminds: we have to be modest in their desires and ambitions, trying not to cause unnecessary trouble to their parents. Otherwise, the child, regardless of age, is in great trouble: a showdown could lead to a Grand family scandal.

Women’s dream book, as always, particularly warns young women and girls: try to be discreet and not too selfish for your behaviour did not lead to a situation that may prevent you from reputational terms.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

The meaning of a dream depends on «clarifying the details», and to dream of the volcano – not necessarily the trouble. So, if the eruption of the volcano portends in the near future high intensity of negative feelings, resentment, jealousy, anger, the lava cools soothes: soon everything will return to normal and there will come a time of peace.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Everything here is exactly the opposite: erupting volcano – a sign that the sleeping going to be an incredible love affair. The mouth of the dead star is a symbol of cool, rooted in the past of passion that entails or temporary «ice age» in relations between lovers, or a final and irrevocable termination.

The dream interpretation of Medea ‘s dream, the plot of which is a volcano warns of the impending critical situation that threatens sudden uncontrolled explosion. Erupting volcano signals: all sleeping plans can change so suddenly and unexpectedly that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Vedic astrology interprets the volcano is seen as a harbinger of the emergence of a situation fraught with serious contradictions and disagreements in the family.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Believes that someone dreamed of an erupting volcano, you need to be ready for major changes that await him in the near future.

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