What a dream voice in the dream

Often people dream dreams with different characters, existent and non-existent. Seeing a certain object, person can easily interpret your dream, but what to do when in a dream you hear the voice?

Voice dream

To hear the voice in my dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

A dream where I heard someone’s voice, says that it is the voice of the inner self. If it is the voice died in her sleep of a close relative or family member, then this dream might say wise things, and the truth about some situations.

Women’s dream book

Sleep with a soft and calming voice foreshadows good events, reconciliation. If in a dream to hear the rough voice, then such a dream could mean trouble in business. When a person hears someone crying in a dream, then that will be a private anguish of a man faced with a difficult situation which he is trying to create.

Erotic dream book

To hear the pleasant voice of the former in a dream means reconciliation with him, harmony and pleasant emotions, but if the voice of a loved person is angry and rude, then such a dream could presage difficulties in love Affairs, the presence of grievances.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream in which to hear the voice foreshadows profits and joy, but also, this dream can talk about the road ahead or the good news.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

If one hears the indistinct voice in a dream, such a dream could mean gossip and deception, but clear and understandable – unexpected news.

French dream book

This dream book shares the voices that were heard in a dream, nice and rough. Nice voice promises danger connected with loving attachment to some man. A rough voice or cry may portend trouble.

Esoteric dream book

Hear in a dream the voice of a deceased means the appearance of problems that can lead to quite disastrous consequences for people. In this dream, it is not recommended to eat and go for the person who died in her sleep.

Dream Interpretation Azar

Dream interpretation Azar is quite unusual explains what a dream voice in the dream. According to this book, heard a mother’s voice may portend a long separation from her. Also a voice in the dream may be an appropriate unexpected news.

Dream interpretation of black magic

Interprets the meaning of the dream with a voice quite different. If voice gentle, pleasant, such a dream can open many mysteries and secrets to the dreamer. When the voices are terrible and unpleasant, then such a dream could mean that in the near future people can meet in some kind of trouble.

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