What dreams, what you drink or see vodka in my sleep?

Such strong alcohol, like vodka, in a dream may warn of the imminent holiday in the company where this drink with high degree. High probability that the fun will not bring the expected peace and pleasure. It would have to wait for trouble. Also vodka is a symbol of sadness («hill»), shed tears, problems, which in reality want to drown in the glass.

Vodka in my sleep

Vodka in my sleep

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of vodka – then wait for some kind of trouble. The drink itself is false information. Slander and innuendo will lead to the prosecution of the dreamer, which would make guilty in the eyes of others.

Vodka dream to a particular loss, distress, migraine. Perhaps their actions the dreamer will have to pay. On material well-being, too, should pay attention to.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To drink vodka in a dream – which means headaches, diseases of the throat, could be interpreted as the possible emotional trauma. To see the seller of the alcohol to an unpleasant experience. A new comrade will be obsessive will to incite to noble deeds.

To sell – so in reality, the dreamer will be able to get in a situation where shame would be his entourage.

Erotic dream book

What dreams vodka dream is to be cautious. Gallant, who invited snovydiv, the reality may disappoint the girl. Sometimes this dream directly warns about the hidden dangers posed by so-called friends.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

Vodka can be position when in front of a planned holiday, but it doesn’t matter. You will regret your behavior, you feel a sense of embarrassment or even shame. It is possible that the initiator will be a dreamer.

Dream merchant «green snake» – so life will go bad.

Esoteric dream book

To see the vodka, poured the glasses, diseases in the nervous system, will head to hurt. To drink, to disappointment, anguish. Drinking alcohol tincture – a mistake that can be corrected will be harder than it seems.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

See vodka – to experience.

The Dream Miller

Drink in a dream vodka, that is the symbolic embodiment of the riotous events could mean in reality a noisy holiday. But then, sobering, he will understand – I had to play it cool.

The dreams of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

Vodka – a sign of the passions. Perhaps the dreamer is experiencing a pleasant state of euphoria in connection with a happy event or, on the contrary, enraged to the limit. Such a dream warns that you should be careful and a little bit, but to control.

Drinking this alcohol – see events that will allow the dreamer to feel at ease.

To buy – to participate in the dispute, the involvement of the dreamer in some kind of showdown.

Culinary dream book

It’s much easier to explain this interpreter of dreams. Vodka – to the festivities. But if the dreamer is a little SIP though – so will have to wait that someone will intervene in his life.

Often this symbol of alcohol is associated with a life limit in taking alcohol. You may need to discuss their cravings with a psychologist?

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