Is a symbol of what a snake in a dream?

Many people are afraid of snakes. And that presages a dream with these creatures? Tell different interpreters.

what dreams Viper

Dream interpretation what dreams Viper

A modern dream book

In the dream a snake that was sleeping, predicts the dual position and time when you need to choose between good and evil actions. When in the dream you exterminated the snakes, in reality take decisive action not approved by all. Saw on your chest sat a Viper? Soon, high risk of disease. To the warnings about your colleagues – that’s what dreams Viper’s nest in which lay her eggs.

Family dream book

When in the dream you had to kill the reptile, the reality will be able to rid yourself of enemies. Had to fight in her dreams alive? Expect obvious changes in my life. When in dreams the snake around you, in reality next to you will be man, masquerading as a friend. Beheld as in a dream the snake was dead, – in reality wait for a meeting with the person with which you wish to have collaborative conversations.

Small dream book of Veles

To diseases and quarrels you can see the snake in the dream. When she was able to bite you, should be wary of dangers and unpleasant moments in business. The snake in the dream has managed to destroy, so in reality it’s easy to defeat the enemy.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Of the wickedness and evil intentions evidenced by the Viper, which saw you in the night. She’s in the dream, bite – your relatives could be in for an unpleasant and unfortunate events. I saw her biting someone in a dream – in reality beware of the actions of your PAL, which makes sense. When Viper hissed with great caution, and was phased out in the ring, fate will prepare you for the tests that must pass. In the dream the snake quickly disappeared from your eyes? Then all your troubles will soon come to an end. Killed Viper – so, in real life you will go to any lengths to Woo the right people. Also, this dream promises a serious victory over enemies.

Online dream book

Had to see in dream the snake – in reality will find yourself in an environment where everyone is trying to give you a pig. She bit – should be afraid of attacks from people who do not wish you well. If the Viper you managed to save, wait for the reality of the victories and successes in all Affairs. To kill the snake-it means waking to face with harsh criticism, which is linked to your determination, leads to success. When the Viper tried to make you jump, maybe a quick robbery. If she successfully disappears from your path in a dream means that in reality you will be able to cope with an unpleasant situation, and to brilliantly solve all the problems.

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