What dreams to play the violin

Dreams in which you had to see the violin, don’t always symbolize harmony, happiness and peace. Often, these dreams portend a reprimand, loss, separation or even death.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

violin in a dream

Violin in a dream — what a dream

To play the violin in a dream – you have to speak in front of a huge crowd of people, or you will be the leader of a movement. If in the dream you were listening to play others, so you’ll deserve your sympathy self-sufficient person who looks at life with optimism and knows his goals. If in the night the dreams you enjoy violin music, but I don’t know where it’s coming from, so you will make special for the act. Neither you yourself nor the others will not be able to understand what prompted you to do such a thing. If you saw that on the instrument broken strings, be prepared that you come upon trouble. Your boss will treat you biased and do not appreciate your work.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a violin – to a happy family life. Your marriage will be characterized by respect, love, harmony and understanding.

Summer dream

Such a dream means that in the near future you will receive the bitter news of the death of one of your friends or relatives.

Esoteric dream book

If you are into night dreams play this instrument, you can expect tears. You may receive sad news about their relatives. If in real life you are a professional violinist, then such a dream indicates that you need to pay attention to their own health.

Autumn dream interpretation

Violin in a dream – you have to listen to reproaches and criticism from your boss.

Dream Interpretation Freud

If in the dream you were listening to how the other person receives with this tool music, be prepared that you are recognized as a hot and sincere love. If you are far from the music and do not know how to hold a violin, but in the dream have all turned out, think about themselves and about their idea of happiness. What is happiness for others, maybe for you misfortune. Do not look to others, build your life.

Women’s dream book

If in the dream you were enjoying the gentle sounds of the violin, your family will prevail peace, harmony and understanding. Financial situation also improved. If such a dream heard a young girl or woman, she secured the admiration of many fans. If the violin was damaged, be prepared for the separation from people who matter or bereavement.

Spring dream interpretation

If you dream you had to listen to violin music, you’re parents strictly accountable for improper conduct.

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