Dream vegetables dream interpretation

What have vegetables? Interpreters give different values, but agree that the rotten vegetables always appear in the dream to problems and failures. On the contrary, fresh and succulent gardens gifts to health or material goods. Read more on the interpretation of «vegetable» dreams will tell popular dream books.

What dream vegetables

What dream vegetables

Small dream book of Veles

Vegetables in dreams reminded of the debt in real life. There are juicy and ripe fruit – avoid all diseases, rotten – to various ailments, sharp and bitter – to quarrel. Harvest – to the sad events.

Autumn dream interpretation

Mountain colors, beds strewn with them, for the dreamer portend financial success. Getting a mandolin to prosperity in the house.

Gypsy dream book

To do a harvest in a dream – to tears. Bright and sweet fruits and vegetables in a dream – to the full the pleasures of life, pungent and astringent – to scandals and controversy.

Women’s dream book

Feast in a dream vegetables – a symbol of the fact that fortune is smiling on you. But remember that she at any moment can turn back. The girl sees in a dream that cleans vegetables, – to part with a beloved and meet the true soul mate.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Gnawing raw vegetables – the work for which you do not pay, fatigue and depression. Trade the gifts of the garden in a dream warns – you have enemies.

Culinary dream book

Garden dream work to family well-being. And vegetable dishes – the price paid for secret fun. If you throw out the decayed remains of vegetables, so work will have problems.

A modern dream book

Vegetables in the dream, the promise of success in business and love affair.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

In the dream, the fruit is a symbol of vitality. Extra vegetables (phallic symbols) ladies promise a good lover, and men of the opponent. Cabbage dream to financial problems, the potatoes, on the contrary, to their solution. Tomatoes – for romantic love, and bow to family feuds.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

To visit the dream at the market where they sell various fruits, – the fulfillment of desires.

Erotic dream book

To feast on juicy gifts of autumn dream to the fact that you are lucky in love. But this will only be a small affair, and not for the fateful meeting. According to this dream interpretation, vegetables, rotten points to the fact that the partner is cheating on you.

Summer dream

Chop different vegetables to the salad to the deterioration of health, and to use the slicer is a stupid pastime, hectic.

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