What dreams vase

A vase of flowers decorates our house and gives positive emotions. And what a dream vase? Is the answer different dreams.

dream interpretation vase

Dream interpretation: what does the vase in the dream?

A modern dream book

The dream interpretation vase portends happiness and pleasure of a cozy home.

The vase, which was broken in a dream, portends the emergence of early sorrow.

When in the dream you were forced to drink from vases, in reality, expect the excitement of secret love.

If a young girl had that she gave as a present a beautiful vase, will soon be her most cherished dream.

When the vase in the dream was intact, but without flowers, this is a sign of a totally empty and meaningless conversations. If you dream a vase with flowers, expect a very fascinating conversation with a pleasant man.

Dream foretells a broken vase is absolutely useless and unnecessary labor.

For the fulfillment of desires – that’s what dreams vase you received as a gift.

If had to drink from vases wine will remain in good health.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Vase in a dream predicts pleasant events in family life.

Let go and broke a vase in the dream – reality is waiting for a misfortune.

The vase, which in a dream filled with gorgeous fruit or candy, foretells pleasant and interesting conversation. Unnecessary hassle and pointless fussiness heralds the vase is empty.

When in the dream you put in a vase of lovely flowers, in reality, will soon be a pleasant acquaintance or a significant event.

In the dream, you had to glue the broken vase – in reality you will find a completely empty work which will bring neither pleasure nor financial reward.

Women’s dream book

Behold in a dream of a beautiful vase – so, in reality, to experience a happy family life.

Before the onset of misfortune could dream of a broken vase.

If the vase in the dream you gave, it’s likely that you will soon turn your deepest desires.

Feel secret love, bearing joy and sorrow, predicts the dream in which you drank the drink from the Cup or vessel, resembling a vase.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Should take as a warning sign of a dream in which you take a vase as a gift. Perhaps you are too trusting and dependable person, what are not very nice people. Therefore, we need to be cautious in encounters and actions.

When in a dream you broke a favorite vase, in reality it is well to reflect on the decision not to refuse the help of loved ones.

Chose in the dream a vase, and then gave to someone? Therefore, in reality you too are passionate about the life of another person and try to impose their society. Some people is to provide freedom, protect them from excessive care.

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