What dreams uniforms dream interpretation

Military uniform may be a dream to any events. It is important to remember, clean it, sits well on the figure, who from the family dressed in uniforms.

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What does a dream in which you see a military uniform

Autumn dream interpretation

Military uniform in a dream – to receive the news. Putting the form – wait for the appointment to public office. See people in uniform – I miss my old job and employees. Friends around put on a uniform with a sad face – I expect a failure in relationships with family, discord in romantic relationships.

Summer dream

Summer dream form, where you have to go through all of life means that it’s time to change jobs, image, to abandon old stereotypes. It’s time to think for themselves, despite the opinion of older and conservative ones.

A modern dream book

Military uniform in a dream – the emergence of influential people that will help realize your plans. For women to see themselves in the form of means to be committed to her husband, and as a result of her actions will develop relationships. People in a strange form – will soon be discord in the family or with friends through no fault of your reasons. Someone from friends or relatives puts on the uniform and on his face a sadness to partings. Modern dream interpretation of military form – to change. To dream – to the profit obtained is not at the main place of work. Are on a par with men dressed in the same uniform as you, the nostalgia of past work, the desire to return the old relationship.

Dream interpretation of psychologist Lofa

Are among the people in uniform and others not – your positive attitude was not fully appreciated. Also, this dream represents your satisfaction with the place of work, as even in the dream you identify yourself with the work colleagues. Clothing symbolizes power. And the one who is dressed in specialized clothes, and has important powers. To see yourself in shape with excellent combat signs – you are too conservative and live the old traditions. Change your mentality, don’t depend on the opinions of others, or change the place of work.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

To dream yourself in shape or get clothing from any appointment in the bureaucracy. Presenting the form – wait for Dating with military officials. Saw a form that explodes – wait for important news, messages.

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